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If you WANNA know who? America's next enemy is looking at funding right now other than the one of these problems are result of government being way too big to do. Hey what's up guys? Welcome to a brand new episode of part of the problem. I'm David Smith of course. Still in self distancing quarantined mode. I hope very much that everybody out there is doing good. I hope that You guys are staying healthy and hopefully Healthy both physically and economically and in every other sense I know this is a tough time for a lot of people out there so I've been thinking a lot about that lately. Hey here's an idea that I I was thinking because somebody posted something along these lines In the part of the problem inner circle. But you know so I was talking to my wife the other day about like Maybe what we could Donate a little bit of money to or maybe if there was somebody who you know like A. I don't know you know in times like this. You obviously there's a lot of people who are hurting And then somebody at post something in the inner circle along the lines of his anybody here really up against it financially and I thought there was something really cool about that. So maybe If we were one of the things we could do that I thought would be kind like a a nice idea that would be. That'd be really great as if maybe there were some people In in our private facebook group or even outside of its people. Listen to the show if you are like in a real tough time for a lot of people who are out of work and don't have you know savings to rely on you know. Some people are more screwed over by the situation than others If you start a gofundme or something like that we can share it around and maybe that would be kind of cool if some of the you know the some of the people listen to the show who are in a little bit more of a secure place than others could help out some of the The people who are in a bad situation I'd certainly be happy to to help battle little bit And Yeah maybe we could get some Some voluntary socialism going within our Our hardcore free-market crowd anyway was just thought I had based off with somebody else posted and I thought that would be neat. So maybe we could. Maybe we can try to do that. I'll I'll certainly be happy to like Share any of those around and stuff like that so whatever I can do to help Lemme now So I have a You know I put out an episode that a that was released today with With the Great Scott Horton And we talked for about two hours and you know Scott of course as usual is. He's great on everything. and So so that episode came out. I got I'M GONNA be recording with the great. Tom Woods Later on today and then I'm going to be recording with the Great Jeanette Stein Tomorrow Trying to line up some other Some other stuff as well But so you know I I'm trying to at least give you guys a you know a good amount of content while I'm here Also I was Invited onto a Jimmy. Doors Show So trying to make that happen he invited me on and I said I'm happy to do it so I still haven't heard back from his people but I think I think I'll be doing that That show coming up sometime in the near future so Look for that as well. I know he wanted to talk to a libertarian about their Their take on on this whole this whole mess so you know. I'm I'm glad he's He's He's thinking about having me on 'cause I was hoping it wouldn't be somebody else who would just go go embarrass all of us. And there's no shortage of that in the libertarian world. So anyway for today's episode. What I thought I was asking the part of the problem. Inner Circle Members just other ideas for episodes of what we could do. I mean I don't want to just keep talking about corona virus. Obviously that's the big thing. But we've you know I'm GonNa talk about that with Tom in with Jane Epstein tomorrow so you know I was thinking like what else can we do and people were making different suggestions? And one of the suggestions was that I do like a giant Ama where I answer all of the questions from the the inner circle Private facebook group and I thought that was a cool idea. And maybe we try that so this is going to be the. Great Ama the Great. Ask me anything from the part of the problem. Inner Circle which is our private facebook group So I figured I'd start doing that. I'm going to try to take on all All of your questions I won't be able to do that all in one episode but so I figure we'll just make. This is a multi part episode. You know I'll I`ll. I'll do these ever ever ever so often or whatever I don't know still kind of figuring it out but I'll take on a whole bunch of them right now and Try to answer them as best I can. And then of course on top of all the other The other interviews conversations that I'm doing you know we'll we'll keep doing those Those fireside chats with the fire Robbie Bernstein the king the Cox. I'll keep those going. I like the I like calling them. Fireside chats maybe maybe. I'll do that but I'll keep calling and checking in with Robbie from time to time so of course all of you good people can hear from ratify Bernstein. Because really. That's what you need in a time like this is is more more rapid fire. I know that's what I need all right. So let's jump into it here. It is I posted In the part of the problem inner circle. I'm going to record an Ama show and try to answer all your questions. It'll probably take a few episodes. But here's part one. Hit Me with your questions. Let's see what we've got okay. So Raymond asks What will you spend your first? Usa backed digital dollar on. And I assume you're referring to my trump bucks if I if I ever end up getting I you know I have a feeling I'm not gonNA end up getting anything Just because of the the proposals I've seen floated around so far. I'm not sure I would be entitled to anything but I don't know I haven't really figured it out yet if If I do end up getting a check from the government maybe I'll maybe I'll try to put it toward some some good. 'cause I don't know maybe try to help out some Some some listeners. Of the show or something like that. Maybe just donate it. The missus institute. I don't know I gotta I gotTa figure it all out but I don't know it's an interesting question and I don't have a very good answer for you because I haven't gotten anything and I'm not sure yet By the way I will unrelated thing. Let me answer question that you're not asking because I heard a bunch of people saying like what is the correct like Libertarian. Thing to do you know like this thing like well. If you don't really believe in government handouts should you take it are you morally obligated not to take it and I don't really personally buy into into that. I mean I think that Look the the government robs a lot more from us Then then they give us. And that's just directly. I mean not for everybody. Some people are living off the government. But certainly if you're a net tax payer I think there is no way you should have no moral qualms about getting some of your money back and And then even if you're not an tax payer the truth as the government you know the government robs us in one hundred and one different ways so I wouldn't I wouldn't i. Wouldn't you know worry about that like if you need the money and you get. Excuse me. Don't worry it's not corona. There's just a cat in this house. been sneezing and having a runny nose today. So I apologize for that but Yeah I wouldn't if you need the money and you get the money. I think there's nothing wrong with taking it. And that's that's always been my position on like you know anytime you know. Medicare social security anything like that. Like if the government's GonNa rob you and you get your hands back on some of that money. I don't think there's any problem with that but taking it and spending it all right. Let's move to the next question. Drew Asks He says that he says potential impact of forced closures on violent crimes and other undesirable events Yeah that's well. The potential is certainly there. That's probably more than anything else. Probably the reason why I got I got my wife and daughter out of Out of New York City just didn't seem like That was the The best place to be I'm concerned about that. I mean we're going to have to see how this whole thing plays out i. I don't know for sure that things are going to get bad but I already I saw the other day. actually my wife showed me but the videos of homeless people Getting Real Rowdy in in Brooklyn and they were kind of like a Like roaming around together really starting to harass people and this is only just you know a few days into the shutdown But I'm sure they're not getting as much money as there used to getting because aren't as many people walking around the streets putting money in their cups and stuff like that so yet. It's these things you know. Society in general is much more fragile than we We spend too much time thinking about and so it absolutely concerns. May that if you know something like this could you could start seeing violence increase And that's that threat isn't going to be just during the During this whole you know lockdown even after the lockdown ends. I mean if we are as think we're going to be in a severe recession or maybe even a depression After all this is done You know the big cities may not be the place to be. I mean it might I you know. I grew up in New York City in the eighties and nineties. Let me tell you. New York City was was a different place back then and You know violent crime was was just part of the deal was part of it was like what? New York City was known for So it's And that all changed but that doesn't mean it can't go back so I'm very concerned about that Potential and We'll say we'll see what happens. All Right Eric Asks if you had the misfortune to be elected to Congress how it Congressman Dave Smith. Use The position to further the cause of liberty. Oh Jeez Eric. Why would you do that to me? Why why would you even want to do that? To me Well I don't know and it's not something I I ever do but you know I think really the person who laid out the blueprint for that obviously is a great doctor. Ron Paul who was in Congress for for quite a while and I think he basically did the best thing. You can basically vote. No on everything. Propose a balanced budget. And if you can get yourself onto a monetary policy committee just grill the Fed Chairman Endlessly so that that would probably be my answer to that but truthfully speaking you know the even if you just get one if you get one me in a in Congress. It's it's really not GonNa do that much So a really. All it is is a bully pulpit..

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