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Steelers, Browns, Tony Beffy discussed on Behind the Steel Curtain


I feel like they think they're worldbeaters now. Now with the fact that it's duck out there not mason in Dhaka's we. We talked about this. He's playing with house money He still needs to win and he knows he needs to win but he he's also playing a little bit with with the mindset that he's got nothing to lose and he's just going to go out and do what he can do and he really believes that he can go ahead and win this game. Tony Beffy Yeah when I have a article or Counterpoint article coming out Probably tomorrow and it's saying Cody's point was and I'll give you a little preview Tony's his point was if the steelers just make the playoffs. That's great. Is that good enough but for me. It's not because none of these guys is the fifty three men on this field that addressing tomorrow and everybody else in the organization. They're not only just trying to make the playoffs. They're trying to do some damage. Allah nineteen eighty eighty nine party. Like it's eighty nine If they make the playoffs but they've got a win. I and that's the thing so my question to everybody out there with all all this crap that's happened with the victim shaming with the fact that Pittsburgh started it and they're kind of there's there's some there's some commentators out there that are actually jumping on the Browns bandwagon loving the bad guy love and the villain in the browser definitely villains in this but are the steelers becoming the villains. Here what's happening so let let me ask you this or this. Is this going to be a business as usual game for the steelers or or the browns in their heads because as good as the steelers defense has been it was not sterling silver in the the first half of that game so please let me know and remember we have the live chat here and I will go ahead and take your questions at the end of the show but feel free to let me know if you you do agree or disagree with those questions Steve O'Neill asked to browns fans show up at Heinz field. Yeah I'm sure they do. But if you're trying to get rid of those tickets as a steeler fan before that game after November fourteenth. You weren't because that became a very very very hot ticket so I mean I wish I had opportunity. You GotTa take into that game. I'm glad I didn't buy a ticket because I do feel absolutely horrible right now but I will be watching it. I'll be watching it from a whistle whistle and I cannot wait I M. That's the one thing that's getting me through this little bug the fact that tomorrow at one. PM I canceled my friends. Coming over always have steeler central in my house but I cannot wait for this game tomorrow so I'm hoping that the steelers are go more fired up with this with this game coming up but I hope that it's not their heads that.

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