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George norcross spoke at the sheridans memorial. Bob Stephens, the husband of Joyce's close friend Chris, was taken aback. That was the first time I saw nor cross, and that was the first time I said, jeez, John was dealing with norcross there. I didn't know that. And I knew nor across his name and probably not in a good sense. Bob watched as his wife offered a eulogy for Joyce Sheridan. He had been an assistant attorney general. So he knew what to expect when his wife told everyone at the memorial that she had had a three hour lunch at the Tiger's tale with Joyce just a day and a half before her death. And I thought I'm sitting there right behind her because she needed my support. Especially when she saw a cane Christie, you know, and everybody there and Christy Whitman. Two former governors and the current one. She was sitting next to Christy Whitman. They got all great. But as soon as she said, when I had lunch with Joyce, two days before she was killed, and I don't know if I even remembered what she said after that. I said, well, she just sealed your fate. You're going to be brought down and questions. Not for the suspect, but for information. So after the memorial, bob canceled the rest of his work day and drove his wife home. He was certain that detectives would be waiting for them on their doorstep. And nobody was there, and I would think that they'd want to see what Joyce said. And she's complain about John's that weren't getting along or the three hour lunch. Joyce probably wouldn't have said much, but she might have said something. But they didn't know Joyce could have said, John, John's been crazy. He's on medication. He's nuts, you know? That maybe he's not feeling well and he's hallucinating. But you don't know what. So you follow the leads. Never did it. And right away from the lack of contact by the prosecutor's office, I knew right away that they didn't do a good investigation..

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