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But i. I hate the fact that he is a real a real all-star contender and he's hitting two twenty nine with like eight walks. Sixteen strikeouts are good and forty four. B. is very good but like the ninety five strikeouts is just something that i don't understand how you can be like your opie s is a to sixty five because you strike out so much like i don't understand how we consider that a really good baseball like a really really good baseball player like his at bats per home. Monday is decent enough with a fourteen point. Four four his but his ex he has twenty two extra base hits on the year. It just it feels like he's not doing great. Ike like offensively like he's he's an all star contender but our league leader extra-base base hits at number five matt olsen. Ozzy albee's are tied for fifth with thirty six. Let them grow. junior in. Nicosia knows are tied for third with thirty seven. Rafael denver's has thirty eight and shohei otani has forty extra-base hits which leads the league right. Here are leader. Strikeout percentage going from bottom to top in terms of high percentage matt chapman at thirty three fourteen strikeout rate in fourth place brandon low three nineteen. Th strikeout percentage. Jackie bradley jr. three thirteen matt. Michael eight taylor with eight hundred forty six and then hobby by with a three eighty six. Strikeout percentage are league leader in..

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