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The optimal health program this morning appear all doing well. As you know, we're going to take your calls here in just a moment. 1 808 for eight W A. B C 108 for 89222 And we'll chat about the things that are important to you. Great research will go for a variety of different things. We'll talk about how zinc may help to improve the immune response and outcomes in Children with acute low respiratory tract infections. We've heard a lot about sync lately, of course, because the combination of zinc hydroxy Clara Quinn And now talking about inhaled steroid nebulizer may be the best attack we have against the covert and the effects that it has a great deal of Dr comments. Doctors in the trenches treating patients worldwide are documenting this, so we have to listen to the doctors that have been in the trenches treating patients. As opposed to just theoretical. Comments by people that are not actually examining and treating patients and working with them and listening to their lungs and doing chest X rays and doing the blood work. It's important. That we understand the difference between Actually. Patient and physician contact. And watching patients improve and watching patients get better watching how they present and doing testing to understand and then treat them and then re test to prove their result. So very, very important to look at that. Phone lines are open. If you'd like to call in 1 808 for eight W A. B C 1 808 for 89 to 2 tube and we can chat. Other great studies on th ey are important for improving reading and behavior. This is an interesting study, and we've been talking about EPA Ngh combination for years, helping improve brain function. Great research on higher intake of flavor owns and antioxidants. Inversely associate ID. With lower arterial stiffness. So your arteries are their own living environment in the lining of your blood vessels were called the intimate Now if you were to think of a cobblestone street You're lighting of your blood vessels is not much different when you get down to the microscopic size of how these cells exist and create the wall. On the next layer from the intimate going outward. You have smooth muscle and connective tissue. The smooth mostly there makes the blood vessel tighter contract constrict. Or relaxed, so there are many nutrients that are important for what's going on in the lining of the blood vessels. And stiffness of the blood vessels and then build up of plaque on that nice, smooth, somewhat like cobblestone appearance. They're 50 things that can cause damage to the lining the blood vessels, so they're looking at some of the anthocyanins flavor owns antioxidants as helping to minimize Zathras sclerosis and the arterial stiffness and helping to prove improve blood pressure. And men and women. This study had a lot of women in the study was published The American Journal Clinical Nutrition And we know that magnesium, potassium or important to maintain the relaxation of the smooth muscle around the vessels, so Important again. Test your nutrients to make sure everything was in the right range. Once again phone lines are open. If you'd like to call in to ask question you could do so now 108 for eight W A. B. C 1 808 for 89222 This is a live program.

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