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It really looks like the only team that's completely overmatched with Syriza. Yeah, no, that's that's without a doubt. I mean, the Clippers. They're going to run away with that one. I mean, they went 23 last night, and they took their foot off the gas midway through. You know, let's let's put to the Lakers game Lakers Lakers in Houston, Siri's and really, James Harden like he said, Pete, Great block. Give it to him. He still shot poorly. He did it defensively, not offensively. I don't think they have a shot against the Los Angeles Lakers. I feel like that team is flawed. Russell Westbrook, who was hurt a lot of the for the last couple of weeks, is back and he's he's reckless seven turnovers a couple of games ago. Give me a reason why I'm wrong about James Hardin, the Houston Rockets or my dead, right? The only thing that could make you wrong and that the Rockets come out victories knocked down a bunch of them in turn that you know the tempo, too. You games of side down on the lake. The Lakers have the two best players. On any one team still playing. That's that's not up for debate. But I don't know what else they have. Beyond that. And that worries me. But, you know Just on on paper. This is a serious the Lakers should win. Yeah. Is LeBron still that guy? Because I remember in Cleveland with him and Kyrie. If things just got messy, they would put their heads down. Charge of the basket. They are. You're scoring 35. You're scoring 25. We're winning this together. Is this Lakers team with LeBron like that? Or are they just too different from what Cleveland was able to do? Yeah, they're like that, but in a different form bigger So that plan on different parts of the floor. When you have Kyrie he was a threat. Basically from anywhere once he crossed half court because he could take his man. You know as far out as you needed to need him to beyond the three point line, and then he's one of the great driving finishes. You know, in the league that that we've seen certainly of his era so that that was a different dynamic What you had he and LeBron Navigating in certain parts of the court with 80 and LeBron is different. Yeah, and I wouldn't be surprised at all the sea. The Lakers use LeBron as a bully around the basket in this series instead of having LeBron you know, floating around on the perimeter and and facilitating outside in Maybe you thin LeBron into the paint into that mid range area. Feed him some. You know, some entry passes from Russian Randolph he's able to play in performing his High level you feed LeBron in the post and let him attack a small ball Rockets line. It really has nobody physically. They can keep up with brother. There's nobody on that roster. Who's going to have a battle? LeBron strength strength around the basket? God bless PJ took a fantastic defender, but you're asking him to pick between LeBron Etienne where you're best suited to have him. Men have somebody like Jeff Greene. Covington have to cover that other monster, and I just don't know how that works out for the Houston Rockets, just in terms of the math. I'm doing the math and they're not enough quality defenders. The Houston team to match up with the Lakers bring. Yeah. And LeBron has that old man strength this point. Sekou Smith, MBA TV analyst joining us here, All right. Yanis isn't a Quintal. We know he's likely to win the MVP again. It doesn't look likely that they're going to get out of this. Siri's with the heat, and we heard Richard Jefferson say the other day he needs Hey, needs a Jordan because he's actually like Pittman. I'm paraphrasing, or at least putting words into his mouth. But Is that? Do you see it That way? Does Jonah's need in a over him, Or does he just need a better be? I think he needs a better be because I think Yannis has A particular skill set. That a lot of guys have had in history to sleep. Gas were really good. You know, at certain points, but when it comes down to, you know, Gothic and create off the dribble and take a last second shot. I'll be the guy that you can feed the ball and make Creates and make AH, basket when you absolutely have to have one. That's not the honest strength at this stage of his career. Hey, may develop that. As a part of his game, But right now he's just not. That's not his, not a guy who could pull up in his, you know an outside shot off, forced the action from distance and get to the basket cleanly. You know when you've got a wall of defenders lining up against him in the playoffs the way you might want him to I don't think what Richard Jefferson said when he was saying, that is a pip in you need to Jordan. I don't think he meant that disrespectfully like some people took it. Yeah, because if you're Pippen You're one of the greatest players in history the game, but there's no light there. But what he means is you need a guy who you could give the ball to and this is what every thing about the play offs. In the course of my lifetime..

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