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And on Bloomberg quick take. I'm Doug prisoner in New York, Brian. All right, thanks very much. 38 minutes past the hour it's time for global sports. Dan Schwartzman is working overtime today, Dan Bayern Munich with a big Champions League win. Yeah, they seem to really have the number for Barcelona and it was the same thing today. It's a championship group stage match, barcelo losing, at Bayern Munich, Allianz arena, two nil Hernandez and sane scoring from the Bundesliga giants. They spoil Robert Lewandowski's return to Munich after he had left this summer for the Catalan capital. I also retain Tottenham is shocked to nil by sporting CP, spurs giving up goals in the 90th minute and three minutes into stoppage time while in some Milan beats Victoria pills and tunnel. Meanwhile, Liverpool gets past Ajax Amsterdam two to one Atlético Madrid falls to buyer Leverkusen two nil, club Bruges dominates Porto four nail by anti Frankfurt slips past Marseille one nil. Liv golf and billing the richest purse in the sports history as the upstart tours offering a $50 million per for the season finale and Trump national Doral in Miami teas off on October 27th, the format's gonna be 12, four man teams playing for a $16 million first prize, second place splitting 10 million 3rd place taking home $8 million. The biggest purse to dating golf history was this year's players championship which had a person $20 million, the winner though taking home $3.6 million, NBA suspending Phoenix Suns and mercury owner Robert sarver for one year as well as lending a $10 million fine after an investigation showed that Saba used the N word 5 times while recounting statements made by others. The 60 year old is also found to have made inappropriate comments toward female employees, also treating staff harshly, the $10 million fine is the maximum allowed by the league. Baseball scoreboard local teams top 7 Baltimore four Washington three bottom 8, cubs four mets, nothing top 8, Yankees trailing at Boston four to three. I'm Dan Schwartzman that your Bloomberg world sports update, Juliet. Thank you, Dan. Coming up, we're going to talk to ishika moko J Bloomberg, Asia, stock deputy team leader about this ugly seller that we are seeing after stocks on Wall Street fail the most since 2020 and will also take an in depth look into Chinese president Xi Jinping whose reemerging this week, alongside Russia's Vladimir Putin, Thursday will be their first in person meeting since Russia invaded Ukraine will discuss with Rebecca Chung welcome's Bloomberg Asia government and

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