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And then when you do, he's upset about said about, but he does the same thing to other people. He does. I just another day with Marco Rubio Marco, Rubio's till he bit get your fucking hands. He's saying, that's what he meant. He was up and Marco Rubio space and put his hand on Marco, Rubio stay. You know, he's. He's a Senate of me. He talked. He comes out, he talks very proper to people in is to just get information out there and hopefully get votes going. And you know, and when he was talking to Alex Jones, hey, don't touch me man. Hey, man, I swear to God. I don't know. You man. I'll give Joe's. He'll he'll make it serve the God man People Navarro Navarro out out of. of. That's where the gun. I don't know you met on. I don't don't touch me man with such homes that was some streets. I give them much. You'll bring us streets. Yeah, people people drop everything man. I will kill you. Yeah, fuck when everybody man. Oh, oh, let's see here. Let's see what else. We welcome. All you guys over here. Like I said, we in the politics say that for another day, that's a Sunday Sunday thing when we do other stuff tonight is the move extravaganza. So we want to welcome all you other extravaganzas up in here. You know make up on. Oh yeah. No, you like Shakespeare. Let me look other extravaganzas up in here. That's you. You at home a Lou Lou wet. His ran little bit, but it's dry up in here. And it's nice. We have a good time. Maybe. That's true. Dane, you know it's been. It's been falling here these last few days, but it's planet room today. Kick you Feet feed up. kick your feet of. You can go to bed on right now. If you want to, you can move on couch if you want to. But you know what? If you can't make it down here we understand. We hope you do one day, God guess until then we'll have to settle Email. So if you don't mind if it's not too hard for you, not an inconvenience, pop up keyboard and type in for us. K cool man. Jeeva dot com. That's KC in z. at Jimoh dot com. You Email any questions, comments compliments.

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