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Bugler bugler noun from seventeen ninety nine a person who sounds a bugle. Make an the bugle make sounds next is bugle. we'd one word noun from circa eighteen eighteen. One any a genus of mints especially north american perennial that is mildly narcotic and astringent. Wow okay The genus name is like opus and the perennial scientific. Name is like opus virginius number. Two we just have the i form of the word bugle as a synonym That is also in the Thing in the mid family next is bugler us or bugler loss b. u. g. l. o. s. s. noun from the fourteenth century. Any of several course. Harry plants of the mortgage family at says compared to these synonym vipers bugler. We have some more stuff to read. The general name is untrue. Saw maybe that's how it's pronounced also copses and also eh e Those are all different. Genus names. genera- is the plural. This is ferrall from. Let's see latin bugler. Which is a regular form from the greek blue gloss which is from boosts which is the head of cattle plus gloser tongue so it's basically cow tongue And there's more at the words cow and gloss Okay next is bug off. Two words in transitive. Verb from nineteen seventy-one synonyms are leave and depart and that of course is similar to The last one in the last episode. Which was bugger off. Looks like it got shortened to bug off And this is a again usually used as a command next we have bug out. Two words In transitive verb from nineteen fifty number one to retreat during a military action especially to flee in panic number two to depart especially in a hurry. Bug out is a noun and I guess that's sort of similar to We had nine gets. It's not really okay. Next we have Bul i think that's how it's pronounced b. u. h. l. It is a variation of buhl spelled b. o. u. l. l. e. I don't remember what that means next. We have the word build. B u. I l d. I form verb from before the twelfth century. Transitive is i one to form by ordering and uniting materials by gradual means into a composite whole synonym is construct number two to cause to be constructed number three to develop according to a systematic plan a definite process or on a particular base number. Four where did it go. Synonyms are increase and enlarge. Now we have the in transitive definitions one to engage in building to a to progress toward a peak as of intensity as in build to a climax to be to develop in extent as in a crowded building. There's more and more people a phrase build a fire under means to stimulate yes to stimulate to vigorous action. You're building a fire so you hopefully the fire get so hot. Metaphorically speaking that people want to actually do something. Oh i have a feeling that right now. We are have been building a fire under certain people to bring them into action politically. Because who knows what is going on like i said Another phrase build into and that means to make an integral part of as in build quality into the product. Yes of course. There should be quality in the product. Otherwise it's just gonna break and you just want people to pay more but we don't want to pay for things over and over again. We want to pay a little bit more for good quality. So we don't have to buy it over and over again next phrase build on and that means to us as a foundation as in building on past experience just checking the.

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