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If something on a do make it happen. Don't waste time. And so I think when you live life that way you kind of make your own permissions. So when you first applied for survivor were they just over the moon that you were somebody who was potentially wanted to play. I don't think so because nothing when you have a little bit of notoriety, like in the education world, look at a little bit of well-known just in education. I don't know. I think it kind of gives him Paul's because I think survivors, really trying to uncast people who are relatable everyday equal in you kind of. Stand out a little bit in your field on. I think that gives them a second of all, so applied on. You know, went through the entire cast in process. I'm in LA for seven days is really is, is a rigorous Rupp experience, and I'm like, oh, my gosh. And I was actually Mike. The only person was cast was Natalie and on Natalie guys a rip. She broke line, at me, and on, like we were, we had to get hit his psychological tests, and we're sitting there take psychological tests and on psychologist. Okay. Everyone and meek may begin in three two and Natalie stands up and walks over to the off table. She's like a man what he doing. I'm getting some teeth and saw my Oman. And Sudan, we have to wait or initiatives Bank sits down, and where he goes in three to the Natalie, beginning goes to the tree table issues, getting skittles, and the ladies, like on excuse me. I'm waiting washes I almost still does so in my head on car studios. So when season thirty seven came on on. On EBay as Oma. God Lloyd skipper. So. Yeah. And so I do the whole thing for seven days in a in after that. I got a phone call that, you know, we don't know we don't know maybe not. And then I got a phone call to make it receives in thirty seven and on saw a thought that was it because I only had one window in my life when I could possibly have done it in closed. And so, then they called me stiffer season thirty eight you'd be an alternate. And I was, like, of course being alternate in the common for season thirty eight and said you didn't make it. And this is like a month while I was supposed to go and I was like, oh, my God knows devastated like a late Embiid for like twenty four hours like the weekend. I'll gutted. It was two a m like two and a half weeks before I loved, I got a text from Linz illness at you up, and I was like holy crap. Holy crap. Holy crap, and I'm like Jim Nutt down. It's like what is going on as like Lynch Vilma does text me? He's at you tell her that you don't ever want to see her talk. Because he was so upset. I've been told no and I called her if you want season, thirty eight you can do season thirty eight now's, like, yes, a running us great. The I would have thought that as soon as they, you reached out that it would have been a green light. And I'm surprised that you have to jump through so many hoops. Oh, yeah. I think lots of people wouldn't be on survivor. I think in, I mean. No. I mean it was it was very hard for me to get on. I mean, they have so many people to choose firm in I'm older. I'm not at the leading rate with my shirt. All this all these negatives. You know, I'm not. Where they won't survive. And then, like I said, with notoriety, probably gave them also under scraped for the day considered. Let me let me do it. Oh, it anti Sutton Lind said this. So funny, share I'm on the is two a m and she's like, do you want to do it? And I was like, well, you don't wanna do it yellow to us. I've got I gotta go to work tomorrow. And I've gotta make sure on. I gotta get schedule shut issue, so Iran. Look on even know why they chose you because you weren't even an alternate. I dunno. Jeff just called..

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