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AccuWeather's Drew Shana News. 93.1 KFBK. It's 80 Foreign Carmichael 88 in Roseville, 86 granted bay and it's for 12 and kfbk. So are pulled today is about another piece of legislation that would infect the rules of the road. You know, earlier we talked to about, uh, pedestrians not having to cross the crosswalks that it wouldn't be a ticketed defense. If you just walked across the street, you know, wherever you didn't have to use the crosswalk. And now we've got a bill that affects bicyclists would no longer have to stop it. Stop signs This has passed. The State Assembly now heads to the Senate. It's a B 1. 22 says bicyclist could treat stop signs as yield signs. So you just yield. So we're asking you if you think this is good legislation, and it shows like maybe we're in a trend here where we're just trying to loosen up the rules. They used to be considered rules to protect people. Now they are considered what oppressive. I'm not sure but I get kind of interesting trend here. So what do you think? Is this a good idea? And you could weigh in pound to 50 on your smartphone and just say open mic and you can record a comment and we've got one right now. Every time traffic laws are changed. We have unforeseen circumstances that occur every time you instituted change, there's going to be trouble. Okay, So you're welcome to share your opinion will get two more coming up. You could weigh in on our KPK Twitter poll as well. Just ahead. We'll check your top trending stories and go in depth on Sacramento, his big day.

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