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Which is huge and it replaces places teeth every fourteen days. So it's it's really weird it all just kind of comes down to how quickly they were wearing out their teeth. I guess and up next. We've got our new dinosaur from British Columbia. This one was written by Victoria. Harbor and David Evans published in peer. Jay and Victoria also wrote her discovery upon her blog. PSEUDO PLO cephas. which will also have a link to in the show now because it's always easier to read the summary version than trying to get through a whole pure review journal article but this article is all about the dinosaur formerly described as the small Orne aficion bluster luster? But now it's officially named Faira. Soroush SEUSS toot. Emphasis and Faira source means iron lizard because it was found next to some railway tracks and later on we'll be talking to Adele about Phero Drako the iron tariff sore which also named after iron lots lots of iron in this episode yes ferro Drako was not found anywhere near railroad tracks just has a bunch of iron in the fossil. The species name Sue stewed. Emphasis comes from the suit basin in northern British Columbia where was found and also the suit river which was found near the bones were. I found nearly fifty years ago. They returned in two thousand seventeen to look for some more bones but they didn't find any more of fair source at least but they did find a couple other bones and some helpful strategy graphic data because the bones were originally donated so they didn't have good records to go along with them. Fair Soares is a lepto Sarah tops. ID So so a little bit more specific than small ornithology in which was the previous description. And it's a very close relative of lepto ceratops less so Montano. Yeah no CERATOPS. And if you don't know either of those you can think of a Proto ceratops with an even smaller frill and also no horns so little tiny serotype seen seen it might have had that cool series of proto feathers down the top of its tail. They didn't depict that way in the description but they didn't have a whole lot to go by so I think they just left him off Out of simplicity. It was probably small frilled like I said but there weren't any skull bones found either basically what they found was the hind leg and foot the shoulder blade and the radius and all not of one of the front legs and even within those fragmentary remains several of those bones are incomplete and so we don't have a ton of information about this guy. Lester sounds hard to describe his all busted up might be why it's called Buster Edito. We think thank the Faira source lived about sixty seven to sixty eight million years ago which puts it in the very late Cretaceous with such fragmentary remains. It's hard to know it's overall size but by my very rough estimations that they would probably frown at. Because they didn't make any estimations in the paper. It looks like it's about one and a half meters or five feet long and about two feet or sixty centimeters tall so yeah it's pretty small. Maybe dog sized bigger description busters also a good name for a dog. That's true that could be another way that they found it. If buster the dog stumbled upon it is all sorts of reasons it could be named muster as I hinted at at the beginning of the show it's quote the first unique dinosaur species reported from British Columbia and quote although with Victoria. Arba there now. Who knows? Maybe they'll be way more dinosaur discoveries popping up if you're interested in seeing Faira source it's on display at the Royal British Columbia Museums ziems pocket gallery and that's in Victoria until February. Twenty twenty. So if you WANNA see it make sure you get there soon. Won't that's not very long. No I think it's one of those rotating exhibits where they put things in temporarily and then replace them or maybe they wanNA study at some more so they need to get it out of the display case. Yeah that's cool that it's on display. I really liked that I know the royalty Roll Museum. Does that a lot too where they put the newest stuff out. That's really fun because otherwise you can wait like a decade aide and unless you're a paleontologist who can back in the collections. You never get to see some stuff. Speaking of new stuff on display though the Cleveland Museum of natural. Oh history in.

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