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The fact that You're trying to attack the basket. But defensively, there's nobody there taking a charge. I don't believe in the last six games Bear Cats have taken a charge. That's gonna be an intricate part of your defense. It's a defensive weapon. Temple by 2 44 42 9 minutes and 31 seconds to go Mike Adams Woods at the free throw line. Southpaws. First shot is up. It is around the rim and in First point tonight. The sophomore Michael Adams Woods. He's got another one coming to try to tie the game. Jeremiah Williams got hurt on the collision. He's going to come out for temple and he was hot. So the bear cats will happily see him go to the bench. I know as the Take a little time in between free throws. Sometimes those superpowers get recharged. Second free throw up. It is around the rim and in for Mike Adams Woods, he is 20 out of 21 from the line this season. He's tied the game at 44. He'll come out David Julius, back in. 9 31 left in a tie game. And Brendan Berry will dribble the ball up the floor for Temple. Harry spent his first three seasons of darkness. Before coming to Temple is a grad transfer. Here's a three point shot by battle around the rim. No good. Rebounded by Mason Madsen throws it ahead for Julius fires it forward for Davenport, now Mats and in the lane tried to feed it under the hoop for Easton got knocked out of bounds by Mormon. Had he thrown a bounce pass. It would have been a dunk it would, but I like to look, though he's looking. He's he's the wild card. Used to draw for No, No, You take that thing you give it to him. You never know what he's gonna do. Because.

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