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You know i i was just preparing for this interview just thinking about women's health in general i was looking at some of the diseases and things that women need to be concerned about and they're very similar to the ones that men would heart disease and cancer and other things like that so i imagine with any disease what i always hear when i do these interviews is go see the doctor regularly and make sure that if there is something wrong it's it's detected early that is correct and another example of that is the one disease process that we worry about in pregnancy that unique to pregnancy is pre eclampsia pretty clancy's interesting disease because we know what the cure is but we don't know what causes it there's lots of theories of which one of them is genetic that it's almost like a half the baby we know his foreign and half the baby belongs to mom so per taps it's some sort of kind of rejection of the foreign dna and the baby again that's just a theory but the whole basis of prenatal care in the united states and in most developed countries is the screening and managed evaluation of pre eclampsia and you know as you anybody that's been pregnant knows you know about the nine visit pathway usually about nine visits for routine pregnancy but they're backloaded so most of those occur you know you're seeing them every month until about twenty eight weeks and then every two weeks till about thirty six weeks and every week and naturally to manage pre eclampsia and pre eclampsia has been shown to be a risk factor for heart disease in the future so it's also good that if a woman has had a pregnancy that's been affected with pre eclampsia that they let their primary care physician know that so they can be screened and seeing regularly to make sure that hypertension or heart disease or cholesterol any other issues actually develop later in life so it's kind of like a stress test for heart disease.

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