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So I can't I said you know this living in the middle and the thing is pretty convenient when it comes to avoiding all of the various calamities of natural disasters and other parts of the country deal with on a regular basis like hurricanes on a California you know with everything every George Kennedy crisis under the sun from fires and the lands they don't have hurricane so that land slides in the fires and and and and the illegal aliens in the homelessness and public defecation crisis and all all this stuff they don't have a lot although there is a story and I have a today about this coming to DC now the homeless thank and Austin Texas I have two stories on that today as a as a matter of fact and the Democrats have created a lot of things to get to present Kristin Joel brand dropped out of the race cut Chile we hardly knew yeah yeah most Americans still don't know whether her first name is cures dinner Kristen but she goes like this a lot I'm smiling I do a big big fake smile to show dimples you gotta show dimples in your teeth yeah and then raise your elbows up like this thank you but granny Clampett her something special with that she is James out a big loser out yeah I mean just she she raised apparently and spent seven million dollars and in the last two polls she had zero percent of the vote now I just I I I I don't want to pick on anybody here but I just want to point out that Michael pairs he also has zero percent of the vote and he didn't spend anything he did raise any money that is spent on the thing and he has the same percent of the vote Sam by about percentage of the vote that doctors to Joe brand has and he doesn't even go around posing with his elbows up in the air and that by showing his dimples and his cheeks and batting bad yeah it's white privilege I'd some white male love privilege at this hour there's another star you might have heard about it yesterday because it popped yesterday but today it's in The Washington Post and once again this morning my very best girl point of the story out in the I know that I'm sorry this is this is one my friend Marty sent this is great it's a new SAT question that the Democrats have created a love creating new as I got a.

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