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Together. Tomorrow night at 11 Eastern, a Pacific joined the We need to talk crew as they catch up with Buck's head coach Bruce Arians and Navy head coach Kenny Amount to Lolo to break down the return of football on CBS Sports Network. Way Got one guy on the line right now is supposedly has a very interesting Atlanta falcons. Stat. Um, I reading this correctly depend that is correct. Let's goto bed in Clinton next up on CBS Sports Radio, Ben what you got for me, brother. I heard the most interesting chat today. I saw that the whole Austin of the land of 1000 are former number one draft pick. You got Matt Ryan, Todd Gurley, Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley 18 verse. And the whole office. Lana's will It is only one player that isn't and the only reason I know this and he's expected to start for them is because I'm a temple football. Not that's Matt Hennessy, who is slated to started them in the left guard spot. I believe he was a third round pick, but you are right. Ryan, first round pick girly Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley Hayvenhurst, Jake Matthews, Alex Mack. And then the right guard and right tackle Chris Lindstrom and Caleb McGary at right tackle that still insane and parking. There is well correct now. James Carpenter. Was he a first round pick? I think he was right. Yeah, So So maybe maybe you know what Maybe he ends up starting over Hennessy. The only reason why I think he's going to start because when we did our first and goal preview with Dave Archer for the land to Falcon's, he said he expected Matt Hennessey to be a starter. But you are right. Carpenter was a first round pick. Let me pull up the depth chart here on ESPN, which you know, you know, it doesn't. This is not the official depth chart. I guess on what looked like weak one carpenters currently the third string starting left guard, But with that being said, if he starts or not, that would be crazy if if he ended up doing so everyone was the first round pick, But you still have One guy, and then everyone else be a first round pick. It shows you they have potential. But Ben, as you know, with the Falcon means that you haven't been able to do it yet, and that you still need to do so. So that's an interesting one, though. I didn't even you know, I read something about that last week. I didn't give it much thought. But that is wild when you look at it. That's really crazy. It is. Think about that. Is it like they're gonna be good this year. Yeah, I don't think so. I think it's a big year for Matt Ryan, too. It's an awkward year because I think if they aren't good this year, all of a sudden, the Falcons are in a kind of Ely with the Giants. Phase where it's like, How many more years How many still productive? Yeah, No, he is here. I was two and we started having this conversation at the end, Not at all. But How many more years and you look at that team and you go. Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, You know they're Cotter likes to throw the football lot with Matt Ryan. I I just can't trust them. They're too inconsistent to me and their coach. They should have got rid of Dan Quint. I thought two years ago. It was a good defensive coach. But that's the reason why I don't trust another They can't score is that they have never developed a defence of identity under Quint, even when they went all the way to the Super Bowl. It still wasn't like bad injuries last year, but trustworthy my problem with Dan Quinn and I know people go. He's defensive minded coach. If your head coach of the football team in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl, go off to college, and you tell him You run that sucker chopping back passing multiple times, like stops ofyou. But yes, that that is part of it. Where you get defensive minded coaches, offensive minded coaches. They forget the other side of the ball. I need a coach. That even if you're going to be geared towards one siding, clutch moments, you still need to have control that team and Dan Quinn has never been able to recreate that magic from that Super Bowl season, has not been able to do so when they lost that Super Bowl in the next year. They're in Philadelphia with that offense. Nick Foles playing for the Eagles right down at the goal at the end of the game and got Nada Nada Nada Nada. Let's get to the closing, balancing the shot in style. Another.

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