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Kfi a know no wins begging the question. Why does the lamoure county mask and dale start to day at noon. Seven twenty four now. Northern colorado's voice one of three one. Thirteen ten hey kfi k. A. mornings with gail the auto collision specialist studio again working from this rather lengthy piece By a sadie swanson talking. About the fact that yes lamb counties indoor mask mandate mandate begins today at noon well. The mass mandate was announced on friday. That's we talked about it. But gonzalez said they delayed the start to give businesses time to prepare to enforce. Oh boy making businesses The mask police. Once again to enforce the new rules will be on the front lines of enforcing the mask. Mandate this according to friday's public health order. Now how will the county support. It's businesses businesses once again. That have just been so devastated. In some cases and so hard hit and just about every case throughout the pandemic well larimer county will provide sunny and other guidance for businesses enforcing the mandate ten is putting together a compliance team to answer questions and provide guidance to businesses. Gonzalez said the health department plans to ask the county for federal funds from the american rescue plan. Act support businesses especially those that become an approved vaccine verified facility. What is that well facilities. That implement a mandatory vaccine politics policy. For staff patrons and guests can apply to be exempt from the mass mandate as this approved a vaccine verified facility and more details about that program indeed are pending and will come from larimer county department of public health and environment. Gonzalez said. we already have some of these businesses. That are doing that. We applaud them and so we want to support them as much as we can yet county health department spokesperson corey wilford saying that the county has continued to meet with business owners weekly during the pandemic business owners..

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