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Is coming up in a moment. What do you have on the way. Well if you are planning on voting in person. today. I've got some tips for you what you should be doing. Also jeffrey epstein's palm beach palm beach mansion update regarding that mansion. He is too. I admit i bought it. What's it going for. That might size rooms included a surprise. I'll have in luxy. Mississippi huron rover's morning glory. Good morning ron. Morning joe chapter. You're wrong again. i can't ever agree with you. There are over on that chose it. Depends on what state you're from mississippi and it depends on the judge set. You go in front right in. Mississippi mine was fixed every month. So i d was pay one hundred per child and then on the back child support. They don't care they'll come after you horrid like. I had a job working as a porter and one week. Got fifty bucks left on my paycheck after charles for and was like. Okay what am i supposed to do with fifty dollars. Wow yeah thanks for that now in california. My cousin has four kids now at the time he was making really good money as they're aware tricia. Yeah then he went on ability and then he started working again and he still had to pay over five thousand dollars. A month and charts and diplomats. They say never adjusted led me a lesson. Guys don't have kids with these women who you don't know if you're going to be with them for a long time you know. Wrap it up. You stay with your wife. Yeah yeah relationship and paint back a bunch of bs. I divorced her teeth. Let me just put it in context. Imagine trying to live off of two hundred and one dollars a week that just just put that in context that you're is that you live off a one hundred and one dollars per week from the radio station after i pay my my health insurance and all the child support two hundred one dollars a week. Okay so taken out. This is okay. Home pay two hundred one fifty. That would be eight hundred four dollars per month right. yeah okay. So that's his. Take home pay so you answered it and and god knows what else. What are you paying child. Support these days nine hundred dollars. It's only off the money with eight hundred something a week or month. Okay months so it's yeah 'cause it's taff my income literally half of my come and it's funny that the defined poverty level in the in our country is like an thirteen five yet. They're fine with taking all my money. To where i make less than ten eleven grand a year or something like that so man now today. It's funny how they're willing to do that. They're okay with that yet. Then they expect you to figure out a way to see your children and then work to survive at the same time. It's messed up flawed system. So guys just don't get girls pregnant or stay with your wife. Tell us you make more than eighty thousand dollars a year. Eighty thousand dollars a year talk. Take a huge. But you can live from forty grand a year you can survive and paying bills and trust off of guys look at these athletes. You think these athletes are happy when they go. Oh i have to pay two hundred fifty thousand dollars a month in child support. Have money to live. So i don't know they go this rotten but you can still afford a home and pay for a car and all that and forty thousand dollar salary your take on. You can afford that if that's mine saying unless you know you can afford to live on your own. Don't get a divorce and don't have kids so if he's going to do it all over again. If you could go back in time you get a time machine. That jeffrey bills you what do you do. Do you have kids or do not get a divorce. No i wouldn't change any of it. Because i mean i am i. I wouldn't go back and change stuff because there's too many other people involved and i love being one and i love is a is a very powerful thing. So i that actually. It's easy for me to say. Don't do it but i did do it because i fell in love with somebody else so my point is made you fall in love with somebody else. Maybe it because you realize they're going to be broke for the next seventy years and they're going to work until you die to help be one help you with what you might call on your mike cut out there. Bro was on train outward love. Yeah okay yes i mean. She pays for her car payment and put the little towards what she can't. She just recently got a raise and started going back to full time so she can. She can contribute more now and has been since you gotta race just again. It's not it's barely enough to survive but just give you money though. Did she say. Here's your ask. I don't like to ask though you know what i mean. She'll she'll we'll feel like a loser. I yeah like. I'll jump around and be like who's buying tonight and what may before buying that kind of stuff you know. I really hate asking for anything. I don i i would love to be able to pay for everything and never ask her for one penny in everydollar. She makes goes right in her bank account. But it's not the world we live in all right. Let me. I finally got. This dashcam all okay. All right so this is this morning. Six fifteen am. And i think you're gonna hear i've i've watched i played it for one second and i think you're gonna hear msnbc on in the background but this is you'll see over on the right hand side will be where this pickup truck is off the road surrounded by cop cars and then And then. I don't know what we'll see and i have. I have front and rear angles. Because i don't know if any of this is picked up. Let's see a lot of attention today. And i'm certainly hearing democrats that while they're not one hundred percents. Sure exactly what's going on there. The early vote totals are so significant serum yellen hear a little was that the gunshot. Ch- going on there. The early vote totals are like there. Maybe it is a beanbag or something they are. what'd they say. Sh- shock maybe. That's maybe the bullet. If i can see anything going on guys gun drawn that female. Oh wow two cops there in the truck hit a sign right there. That's the sign is back for okay. But that we're looking at the white truck. God okay and then you hit totals all right. Let me see if i can get. How many shots did you hear in person. I don't know i don't remember this. Is the back camp. this is the back cam. Okay better thing on this. While they're not one hundred percent sure exactly what's going on her early vote. Totals are so significant. I heard somebody. Who's as a drafted or something. Yeah wow q. Amplify that scary. Do you have any longer. Just cut off right there. Well i could see their smoke. Smoke coming out of the car. Let's see here. Maybe there's more shot. Thirteen eighty five at sure. Exactly what's going on there. The early vote totals are so significant so huge that they know something is happening there..

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