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Yes. The stabber got so embarrassed with himself. I expected it was just chaos, and he was fell. And ran and jumped off the balcony. I am reading the beastie boys book, which is it's unbelievable. So hard to get through because there's your so much of it. But there was a story late in the book it is. So unbelievably funny because it's about this guy who wound up playing Bongos with the band for repair time in the guy is just crazy and one moment. Banga? The story of this guy. He is. And you think to yourself debatable is probably hung with some crazy motherfuckers in their time. This guy was just one of the most all time characters. Mitchell was what they call them that was really his name, but they were talking shit about Mitchell. They were all talking shit about all the crazy stuff that he was doing this very tiny in room green room stage. The backstage. There was like a window with fire escape, and whatever and Mitchell there was a bathroom in there. And they've been talking shit about him for so long and all of a sudden Mitchell came out of the being. Mitchell comes out, and they described it what they described his that. No one they should have been like, we're so sorry. We didn't realize you're in there. And that's really not cool of us to to talk about the that way. He said instead everybody ran out of it. He's like three people ran up the fire scape. Like did ran around the ran out the door. That's what this guy is in that. He just lost his mind and jumped off about I have a friend who she she has this great story when she was in college. She had she hooked up with this girl. She she's lesbian, and it didn't end well, and she was at some party, and like some house party, and she was in a bedroom. Like where bunch of people were and this girl walked in the bedroom door, and she just saw her and freaked and turned and ran out to the balcony and just yelled, I'm coming down. And let about she's like she's like I wasn't even thinking I just leapt over the second story balcony. She's like I landed right on my feet, and like my hit the ground, and I stood right up. And everyone was just like the coolest. They have ever seen. Other girl wanted to date her again. After that. Could have gone wrong. Really, really? She's like the fact that even just thought yell I'm coming over. I'm coming down. So people would clear out of the way, she's like architecture the idea of like because I would just imagine you jump over the side and your legs or completely straight and. Yeah. And then you're done. You don't have legs anymore. I actually have another friend from college who he when he was like ten or something like that. He he and his friend drew drag mattresses out to the ground, and then went up to his bedroom window, and they were like we're gonna jump out the window onto the mattresses, and he landed straight legged on both of his feet, and he's one of the only people in the world to have ever broke, both he'll bones. It is almost impossible to break. A heel bone and Emrick Mike both of them like the doctors who were working on him. Like, they actually wrote a study on it because that never been done before. What did his lesbian girlfriend? Well for Dondo either you jumped jumped over the second floor balcony, breaking the first and second floor balcony railings on his way down. Walkway below. He then took off. Yes, he lives. Well, you actually gets airlifting but police caught up with him in the nine hundred block of Duval street. Blah, dress. Was one of three. St. the app, still blocks. Wow. Dondo caused at least eleven hundred dollars worth damage. And the best story that anyone will ever stabbing ended the wedding party. And I fight closed early. A police report wrote in the report the guests were very upset when we arrived. Oh my God. What dummy fainted? Never came back on probably the guy got stabbed. You would just you and hope that someone deals with it. When I wake up this thing that'll be off in my leg. Retied someone recover like house a friendship recover from. He ever come back. And he's like dude you stabbed me at my wedding after I fell off a stack or before for Balkany and had to get airlifted all about you..

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