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With me destiny, inspired the empowerment, juggernaut award winning life. Coach author speaker CEO of detonates bar, LLC and name, rolling out fastest growing apartment expert right here in the eight. Thank you for remaining. Thank you for me. Let me read they eleven day eleven is actually my favorite because given everything that I do in a day from being a radio personality to a television commentator college. Professor chief editor at large, for rolling out magazine, and then all of the other things we do in community and speaking, mentoring, my issue is focused. Okay. So Dale Levin in your book, discovery destiny day eleven you write fixed focus. That's the title if you've ever watched a horse race you have likely seen the mass place over each animals face. I used to wonder what purpose. They served in the film. They were just part of the horses. Poorly executed fashion of symbol. Dull judge me, did I know that these less than fashionable mask was serving a purpose far greater than I could have imagined? These mask are known as blinders or blinkers there. So purpose is to deter the horse from distractions while racing. They block them from seeing what is on the other sides or what's taking place behind him. This makes wonderful. This makes way more powerful raves, as the horse able to block out outside interference. And focus and concentrate on what's before them without them, the horse can become very panicky and nervous from the distractions around them. And in turn be disastrous to them and their rider. I think that's so profound, because when you get to a certain place in professional life. It takes such a dynamic amount of focus when you add that place where, you know, you have to be really, really focused to do what you do everyday. You would prefer not to be distracted by the bowl, right? So I remember when I used to want to know everything they say, who said it when do they say? Email. Screen shot to text message now I don't give a damn okay because I know what it does to my focus, right? Exactly. What did you get the inspiration for day? Eleven. I got it from the fact that I was too busy trying to listen to the opinions. One of those around me the thought process of others, what made sense, what did make sense, what I should do what I shouldn't do. And then also I had to get rid of my own self doubt. A lot of times. My enemy is my enemy. We harp on so many other people, we talk about the haters and those who don't want to see succeed, but our biggest role black obstacle ten times out of ten is our selves, because if you can get over yourself and get out of your own way, then that's the battle right there. The people test. That, that's nothing. They don't matter is much as it matters, what you believe in think of yourself. So when you first articulate the fact that, okay, this is what I want. This is when I wanted, and this is the plan of action that I'm going to formulate to execute what I want when you make that decision. And then you eliminate all of the distractions eliminate every anything that could potentially disrupt your pattern, potentially disrupt where. You're going so not even it may not even disrupted. But if it has the potential to the non times out of ten you need to eliminate it in advance before it becomes a problem. The you have another one coming out another apartment book. I do. I'm actually working on one right now. Is it a third of one day? God thing how many days we'll take for me to read this, the new one around the same time I try to keep everything very sizable. I learned my own personal experience. I do best when I'm able to break things, down and digest versus having this conglomerate of information that is going in and out. And I'm not really able to retain it. So I tried to present something in a body of work that would help others away. It helped me what has your feedback then? I've had really great feedback. I've had even though it's thirty one got I've had multiple people to read it in one day. They've read it just in one sitting because they couldn't put it out. I had one lady, she literally every day, she would message me after each day that she read in like give me her her feedback her reflection on how it impacted her what she thought about it. And that means a lot to me like I love no one because some people write books because they're author, preneurs is what they do. It's how they make money. But for me it's more than that apart from having a passionate profiting from it. I wanna make sure I'm actually being impactful at the same time. So the entire purpose is to really dig into somebody's life, and help them sift through the soil of their life, and dismantle their dirt and really cultivate, their character in who they are supposed to be. All right. So let's go back to the divorce, right? You went through divorce. Was it tough? It was Hella tough. It was the most. It was the most difficult thing I've ever personally. Experienced I come from a background my parents, married forty plus years, I was raised in the church, you only get you know, you only get married. Once we don't believe in divorce, like those vows before God and church family respond to you. When you say going through divorce well the type of person that I am. And I have had it in my book. I talk about wearing a poker face. So I was so good at masking, the things that I experienced things that I went through two people didn't know they could sense that something was wrong. But when you're in a place of leadership, and you're leading other people in operated ministry in leaders in leadership position as well as just in my family and my home. So when you are on such a Heddle still it is not easy to show weakness. It is not easy to expose yourself to others. You cannot trust people with certain information, not that they will miss handle it, but they don't know how to handle it. So initially, no one really knew they noticed the absences they noticed the change in, you know, behavior patterns. So they kind of knew alternately is kind of like one of those things you just kinda sweep it under the rug. You just you keep going, you push through it, as long as you're getting your job done as long as you're operating. You're helping other people ultimately, I won't say, no one really cares. But just don't let us down do what you need to do. But you know as long as we can we can get to you. When we need as long as you can. Serve and do it is that you need to do to make sure everything's running smoothly. Hey, handle that how you need to handle it? So it wasn't really a I can say I come from a really great church family, and they're very loving people of but at the same time, people aren't used to sing a certain level of owner Billy from you, and, again, they don't know how to handle this, although I was leading, I was still bleeding, at the same time in doing that people didn't quite know how to cover it. How did you reconcile that at some point you're divorced? You have to reconcile with your church and your family that this thing is happened. How did that process take place for you? As a very slow process. I, I had to accept it for the longest I didn't accept it. I knew I knew what happened, but it was like, no, this, this can't be real, not me. And we, we live on this place. Sometimes we, we put ourselves on this, pedestal or rather people put us on their we try to maintain it. So it was like this can't happen to me, like, you know, I follow the steps, I try to be a good example. Like I think I did it. Right. So it's like no, not me, this should happen. Someone else? So for one, I had to reveal the pri- that was in my life unknowingly. I held a sense of pride because I felt like I come from this background. I did it this way issue. Be full proof like this has gotta work in that wasn't the case. So I had to knowledge, the pri- that I had within myself and realize this can happen to anybody. It doesn't matter who or what background you come from. This is life and life happens. Once I realized that I was able to accept like this SIS, you are divorced, like he signed those papers, I you, you set in that courtroom, and like this is really happening. And so I when I accepted it, then it was easier for me to tell other people so craziest thing. And I tell people I was in such denial, because I'm like this can't be I still wore wedding ring for three months, and still was divorce and did not take the ring off for three months. Why I hadn't accepted it. I didn't it wasn't running. I wasn't ready to explain. That's other people. I mean here was the girl who you know, was I was I'm from Augusta Georgia. So my mom was big radio. Personality gospel world. Father a passer church. Everyone knows about I'm this, you know this pedal, soul of a preacher's kid who still in the char still operating still impact and people and so it's like how do I tell them that I failed at something how offer them empowerment? When I myself feel powerless. So I was wasn't right to explain. It's other people let alone to myself, obviously, you got ready because you're not wearing awaiting ring today. Honey? I'm not wearing all the has just naked nothing whatsoever..

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