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His name's Jeff Rourke an a plus beverage solutions but the lock from Colorado springs right right or my brother lucky lucky dumpling he's either very very impressive your rock with the modern here so on our radio thank you brother like speaking of impressive man areas generally the veteran brother except maybe a twos I don't know how to be nice to you he's got a knife the size of your car you've definitely I think you're doing sushi let's talk about Masaki till me thank you star it's been almost a year and a half ago we started this timely market I perceive with Charlene tie and rover tie they asked me to do some consulting in the beginning and then I guess we fun novel we show there and we and then as doing this whole thing for longer than I was expecting to be on you think it's amazing them internally in the consulting they wanted from you they wanted to do the whole thing and the rest of it to the side of the menu at the sign hired the people the sign the kind of service they want to do and and and then from there we yeah this is actually this is not a degrading questions to set up pressing question why are you qualified to do that because I'm Jesus thirty thank you background.

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