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A feeling you know mean if you watch a horror movie yeah you could check heart rate and when someone sweating and they get ancia's thriller but like i don't know it takes some going away from i'm going to plug you into this machine how much more really i'm watching dawn kirk two two and a half hours long i've got a world that and you're going to try and get real information outta me like come on who's going to be doing that i mean i guess that while i love technology so much lymphomas ate it again we just as the pros the question came would just trust a person can we just go off their feel as we gotta put a a rod up their nose and safety whicle two times and left this part is just too much sometimes for me i wish they also been like the little an with clockwork or was i was just shy that lewis was all hooked up in a bonnet of electrodes inner fingers that are chesler back and yeah they got her sieve will focus groups as soon as luxurious cowed by themselves will one screen there's to d'oro shoved in a room white cattle arrigo sgr lookalike russia to room like cattle with one screen uh all jacked up to machines in them and sweating because the he is to watch i really need as clockwork orange tweezers at nine when i'm reading i'm so tired and if i could just keep them like presto uh they'll go to sleep moves goes what are you will you read it we read on it and i are reading books are using it visualize hey parks yet um the digital devices to dictate like i've already yet i iran's my fiance eerily near takes history of apparently rid of this this goosestepped mom i was bob jump on you look at you read it good old fashioned paper bull and we don't lead plans in the car either we do that here where the crazy parents also that telling do give him options because again here's the thing so.

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