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We never had our best fullback. I don't know i. I don't even i don't even know who's the who's the best fullback that they've ever had that peace has ever had. I can't even. I can't even begin to to to think about it because it's just that we've never really had any good ones like i'm going to go back in previous years. I'm gonna go. i'm gonna go way back and see if there's anybody that maybe i've forgotten. That is at a better level and Let's see i'm looking for not had a decent season. He was looking pretty solid. Donny alvis okay. I forgot danny alvis. Ninety office was certainly a very high level full-back that we had and he brought a lot in the that attacking sense of course experience that veteran leadership. Something that you know is go is super invaluable in this In the world of soccer having him was huge For a couple seasons there he was always a very good playmaker. But you bring in bring in hockey me. You can do that. Exact same thing but he does a much higher level because obviously you know you can't lie when danica avas came in here. He was much high up there in age. He was already like thirty four thirty five years old and he he just wasn't at that peak level that he was his previous season's surge. Rei was here for a few seasons but he was also very inconsistent. I actually like thomas mounier when he was here but he never really put it all together like yet some very good moments but he never really put it all together for a full season. He was a very underrated fullback. And i still don't think he can do a lot of great things. He still kind of young in this in in the world of soccer. but it's just. We've never had anybody at the caliber of Trafficky me i mean it. You know what we think. we had. the lakers had been here for a long long time. But then we would try putting other guys in there like like random dudes like maxwell and again it. Just it was that was never a primary focus for the front office. Aps g never really focused on trying to get a stud fullback like. They're actually times when they had three great centrebacks and they went with guys like iago silva martinez dhabi louise when he was still like pretty decent. And you know. That's the way that they ran their lineups lucas dignity. Look dignity was a very good player when he was here but that he was still super young he was still kind coming into his own and then we ended up selling him and then he finally became a really really good. Fullback away from us at everton. So we didn't really get the you know the benefits of that lucas name career. But you look at the guys that we have now. Mitchell mitchell backer like he's actually one of the ones i think is decent but not a starter. Like he's a solid role player gets gets a couple tackles Is a pretty good passer. He's in the ninety seven th percentile among fullbacks in passing completion pass. Completion percentage passes attempted his tackles. It gets about two point two tackles for ninety minutes. That's in the sixty four th percentile. So he does a little bit of you. Know the the passing the playmaking and defending. But he doesn't help out on that attacking and you can't trust him with the ball is feed in the attacking. Third you just won't really get much out of it. But i already told you about alexander and does a little bit on that attacking end but not much on the defensive end colin dagda. He's a young guy. Twenty two years old almost twenty three heat he's very good passer very with the bodice fees not really technically skilled. He won't dribble around you but he's also a decent defender but he just didn't get much time lashio only played about what fourteen hundred minutes just a little bit underneath that. In twenty five appearances he had one goal to assist. You get a bit from colin dog but but again he's not one of those game changing talents that you can just put on that fullback physician and expecting savon because we did that and he really wasn't a game changer. And i go back to it. Hockey me is exactly. That key is a game changer. To have him. You're one of the best technically skilled players the pace to get up the pitch in a hurry to be able to put in those crosses guys like cardi neymar imbaba guys. That can put it into the back of the net. It's going to be beautiful stuff to watch. And i just i honestly can't wait for to. I cannot wait to see it happen. And like i mentioned in the beginning of the show because hear my voice. And i'm not like you know going crazy. 'cause i would absolutely go nuts during the segment with hakeem joining psg. But like i said my voice after that inter miami orlando city game which will be will which we will be getting into in the next segment. You guys know. I just i lost it. I'm i'm almost completely shot. If i go a little too high octane. You're going to hear some squeaking so i can't But yeah that's all. I'm going to talk about keeney. Let's not get into that other transfer news because we do have a bit to talk about One being inter. Milan the team. That just gave up our trafficky me to. psg is looking at hector budding as the hakimi replacement. And i don't think it's a bad a bad move. Hector ability actually had a decent season for arsenal last year. One of their. You know there were a couple of times when he was one of their best players consistently getting up the pitch getting a good balls into the box. And that's something that hockey me did obviously not as high of a level as a key me but he still is a much cheaper option. Which is obviously what inter milan are looking for right now with all those financial problems that they're having so this is a very well a you know a good replacement at a low cost. It's a smart move for inter milan if they can make can happen. So it's very smart Next week i'd liverpool being interested in in coleman. She ridiculous i don't even know why they would want to get them. I mean i guess. Adding more depth i know like they rely heavily on saudi-omani and mohammed saw lob saw more last season. 'cause kind of monty had a kind of inconsistencies in last year. And coleman is an up and coming winger he does. He brings a lot to an attack to any attack. Join so i get it like it would be solid but they also got some very solid strikers and they have a pretty set front three with for me. No monty and salah just don't know whether there may be thinking about putting one of those guys in the middle of the pitch having a number ten because they don't have a true number ten you know they. They kind of put You for being yo and henderson in the midfield so they have that going there so. I'm not really sure where coleman would fit in that kind of lineup but again very solid talent and one that liverpool could certainly use any team could possibly use. But we'll see how. It goes a lot of manchester united stuff going on today as well as always because mattress night is always trying to improve their roster. They offer lingered a new deal. I don't like it. I don't want him to go back there like last time he was there. Like you had some good moments but then last season was just like your last two seasons. He's been like a no show. He hasn't done anything. And it's you know..

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