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So soothing you have to specify a third command which is the actual commands that you wanna call within that service but with power shell you don't have to prefix everything with aws and then the service name every single command is actually a first class citizen inside of the powers show a can of name space so stop easy to instance is a you know globally available command that's exported by the aws power shall module so you don't have to worry about saying aws and then ec two or aws and step functions you don't have to worry about remembering in a which service it belongs to you just think about the task that you want to accomplish bets really nassir becomes argus very so explain a true win it's a big shared amongst others because of course automation is only useful if you share the card with of faithful to take advantage of a what a bad some regions so what you're one of things on the sale law you get used to produce is if you don't sit euregion region wrought you're going to be issuing commands and not seeing results vehicle by should be hata's ah a past show component tree handle regions yes of the region support in power shell is objectoriented just like everything else so there's a command called get aws region that's exported by the aws power shall module and this is going to spit back in array of objects that represent regions so each of the regions has a couple of different properties one of them is the the short name the you know the the u s dash west to or us urge eu west one and then you also have the longer region name things like ohio were ireland and things like that so you get these rich objects that have all of the properties available you basically just say i want the region property or i want the name property to get the or proper name of the region uh so it's a it all the data's they are you just kind of reference it as an object so it's it's pretty cool you can just do a four each loop in eat over each of those so if you're doing kind of global automation you have resources across all the different regions it's very easy to just reticent.

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AWS, Ohio, Ireland discussed on AWS Podcast

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