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And weather together. Every ten minutes on the eight Ken Daniels could be slow along the Hudson river crossing. Yeah, we've had construction at the George Washington Bridge. And we've also got some very slow traffic now as they work on some construction at the George Washington Bridge and some foreclosures possibly in the lower levels already closed above had some construction and the outbound side with a one lane blocked on the apartments, but some upper deck work now as well with police activity, so keeping an eye on the George Washington Bridge Lincoln tunnel with a tube closure. You got the shutdown of the one tube. It's the center to the hospital with a one name blocked each way. And now, you're right across the East River the battery tunnel with one tube shut in the other handling two-way, traffic queens, midtown tunnel with a lane closures each way crossings of Arizona bridge, Brooklyn. The lower level is shutdown in New Jersey on the New Jersey turnpike truck lanes, southbound fourteen through nine closure of the truck lanes diversion to the car lanes rocket Westchester county on the New York state Thruway not. Bad either way into the tabby bridge. There is some construction on the New York state Thruway with lane closures on the southbound side into the cross Westchester our next traffic update less than ten minutes on WCBS and meteorologist Kyle Elliot. Snows on the way how much are we expecting? Honestly, it looks like in the city itself around three inches, but again north and east of the city, I think a little bit last one two three and then south of the city three to six, but that will all come later today. In the meantime, clowns will increase this morning. Well, below near twenty one in the suburbs to around twenty-six in midtown. That's no will arrive early in the afternoon and continued through the late day commute. So there will be some slippery and treacherous travel for that late day commute with.

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