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Thank me later. Look, how long it is this. Novella isn't novella. I spent that much time reading it. Are you glad you're not? Oh, yeah, no, I definitely. I mean, I always like inside of any company because I am. It's yes. It's also kind of therapeutic. You're like, oh, my crappy work experience was no different than this other crappy work experience. I don't. You know, it's nice. We should just mentioned. Morgan, went onto. He left Google to go to dropbox where he said it was a pleasant experience. These people weren't mired and Bs and politics. They were at the top of their games. I was so stoked to interview. That happens it. I mean, companies, you can usually see that right away. As we went to dropbox, he later started a shift of apt to buy or sell a used car, which raised one hundred forty million dollars in a series d. is currently working on another startup. And so in the ends. He said, I sent her resignation Email. The Greg forwarded to HR within seconds, a sent an Email to the company, saying goodbye. Standard practice. I got hundreds of heartfelt replies from Google employees felt great and terrible the same time on my way out, Greg tried to Chit chat and shake my hand. I took everything. It took everything in me, not to tell them to go himself. I walked past his extended hand, said nam, and he said, really turned around and looked him in the eye as I backed out of the door. You really the end. It was very well. I'm telling you, I read it. This is a stream play. It was very well written..

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