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The great American for the Clermont. And Butler county veterans services commissions, you served your country. Well, and all a great Americans the Butler, and Clermont county veterans service offices are there to serve you. They provide free VA medical appointment transportation for veterans and professionals that can assist in obtaining all VA benefits. There's even financial assistance for emergency situations. All services are free for honorably discharged vets in Butler county, visit vets dot org and in Clermont county. Visit Clermont county veterans dot com. Iheartradio is now the number one podcast or in the country and with over twenty five thousand of them. Here's some funny stuff. Waiting to be heard. It's I heart radio comedy podcast week start laughing with the Ron burgundy podcast. Hello, folks. Bill, Monday morning podcast is unqualified podcast their big break Conan O'Brien needs a friend fogcast throwing shade handle F with Marc Maron and many more and this week. It's comedy podcast week your music your stations and number one for podcasts. That at Zimmer. Hi, this is Katherine Zimmer at least an all new ram fifteen hundred as low as two seventy four per month. Zimmer Chrysler Dodge Jeep ram in Florence or online at Zimmer Motors dot com with approved credit for twenty four months. Forty nine thousand nine hundred seventy seats for details. Six point city Cincinnati chick Ludwig seven hundred wwl w this is sports talk like Eric Carmen. The raspberries were going all the way till eight ten tonight with the final half.

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