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Um here's something that happened that i didn't realize until i got a text from one david cohen that apple took out see i went and updated my i tunes without thinking about aca's smith's up they frighten school oh thanks apple your removed apps from i chose number iowa us app store naiton's so now i'm sitting in for my computer i go to a place like oh i dunno touch arcade that looks like a cool i'll i'll download it to my iphone oh well i guess i'm good after a break on my iphone and do a search for the app and all of that way now because there's no more app store an item suit there's literally no way to get to the app store on your macro pc none in fact if you click the link that takes you high toons the app store it launches i tunes i tunes doesn't go anywhere so goes back to the web page which then tries to go back to the app store sort launches i tunes which then takes you back to the web page which then takes you back to i'm not kidding yep i am i i i understand that they've update heat in iowa selection the ap's or apple me fine and all the marketing that they all the knowledge that they've put on their website about this change recess the fat way you can use the new i'm at applications am app store application on you'll find or your ipads well the problem with that space will we have got tight yet because beyond go iowa seven levin and secondly is a whole lot of people who have devices the what round the high us eleven.

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