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But let's okay, I Mattie. I like I I'm a big fan of Akim Butler. Like, you, however is the NFL. Are we sure the NFL we hear people saying that like that Hakeem butlers? Bore of a a implant sixty one that he is at twenty nine for the show the NFL likes in Kiel Harry's run away from me. I heard I here's another nerdy thing about my pre-draft leak process. I listened to a lot of pre-draft press conferences across the NFL. I did. And I can't remember who it was maybe Steve KYW, which so take this for great assault kit. When you'd have a talk about your free time usage. It was in fact, reserva Detenu. Oh, okay. Okay. So Matty knows to Matty did the same thing. I did. That's that's verifiable. Fact, he's listening to all thirty two teams pre-draft press conferences, don't quote me on that. But it's definitely affect so Nicole hairy. I mean like I can't leagues. Draft. Thirty nine. Okay. Is that the first second round? No. But that's his draft range. I think Nicole Harry could be in play four picks beforehand filed before in no. Thirty three or worse. That's the way this is real very quickly where where does the run start, Mattie USA? Use oppose to let me just make comment about key Butler did move on. But instead you were trying to argue with me about in Kiel kit, separate from anybody, Harry and keep baller in. This is not gonna art the runs the start divisible deacon Medco's if decay Metcalf lasts later in the draft like some people are projecting if he gets to the late teens early twenties any team that his starting to get their site settled wide receiver, and that also means that more defensive players often linemen are going before you could see run late in the first round. You could see guys like that calf in Hollywood ground AJ Brown Akeem Butler Algo in the first round if half LASSO now, the differences Metcalf goes the top ten the run that you don't know where to start then teams aren't getting their hopes up for they're gonna give this receiver. They're not just missing out on decay Metcalf. They're gonna wait they're gonna play they're bored with whatever it's going to be. So I really think it's stuff like that does matter and the more receivers they go the more likely you are going to see more of. Continue to go. That's the draft works. It's done runs. It's not everybody. Just just leave a position alone. Third guy gets taken a lot of teams will reach their next guy up at that position. If that if that position was getting pretty lacking. I'm with mad on that entirely. But I need to touch on a couple of things here. First of all now, the Hickey Butler is met son. I have gone ahead and claimed at Oliver second of. Now. Now figuring out why you guys think that I'm some sort of wizard that has a lot of things on his plate. Because y'all just literally sit around and listen to other teams talk like. I spend the this is. Saturday Night Live by Saturday night. Yeah. No, I sit around doing life skills and a figured renaissance of that. Now, guys figured it out. I was just whittling a small bear for my child's bedroom. State fucks. No. But I think it really does hinge on on decay. I know we've heard a lot about Hollywood. I think Hollywood is going to maybe that second guy off the board that that does start the run..

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