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In fact an interesting thing that happened is the pivot is well. Lebron got an answer for what adam said just like okay so the the skating batum continues the layers to this that i found interesting and there were a number of them. I'm interested in how lebron and mave carter who are building an empire that is going to echo beyond basketball. A media powerhouse. That guy saying that thing while at the epicenter of that team. I'm curious how that one land with. What do you mean your exhausted by black lives matter. Like what the hell do you even mean. That's one layer of it. But the other layer that i found interesting is oh. That's how the access works. But the access isn't real matt sullivan's given you real access. The other axis is the access that lebron his media empire wants you to have. And so i've found matt sullivan saying the specifics of these basketball writers don't cover this sport right. These basketball writers don't actually have the access to give you the truth. I found that to be interesting even as someone who has spent thirty years in this business. But doesn't that go back before this era way. Back to michael jordan freezing out sports illustrated forever because of a cover that they did that. He didn't approve of right. And our friend. Michael wilbon with the hall of fame career but a lot of that. Those beginnings were and his proximity michael jordan and his access to michael jordan. But also a very toothless. You know there weren't any really deep dives or made fun of wilpon. Frontiers for being. He'll never say a negative syllable about michael right. But that's i guess my point. Is you know this isn't something of this new era of the basketball journals. Don't do it i. i think that's kind of been the story in sports. And that's why the people who do right critically in depth behind the scenes and with With level access are usually people were writing books and not covering it on a day to day. That's what makes ethan strauss's book the victory machine so interesting because he was a guy who cover the team day to day and then wrote a book about it based on his access on a day to day but rather than reporting it along the way he just saved it all and wrote it in a book. Sam smith wrote a book about michael jordan as it beat writer as well and a mean is right when he says that an and michael jordan viewed it as a great betrayal that one of the beat writers had written something. That had some unvarnished truth in it. Mike did you find any of that interesting. The the there were a number of things interesting in what it is. That matt sullivan. I think the most interesting thing for me is news. Who's matt sullivan is learning burst. Onto the scene. With the scoops on scoops and finding out exactly how easy it was. I think we even discuss it and what went out. It's like is this real like this all seems too good to be true to rant in deny any of it you've noticed that none of it's not a word has been denied. It has to be reputable because the stuff that's been out for weeks would have already been categorically denied and no one is doing that to matt sullivan. So it's it's just a fascinating announcement to everybody in the sports media. Industry that Holy shit pal. This is an amazing book. Chock full of scoops. I am curious. I'm asking the audiences. Because i know the audience gets tired of me. Doing south beach sessions. Asking howard brian about the decay of journalism and i know that journalists no one finds journalists more interesting than journalist. So i get white is that you guys would tap out when i go down some of these paths. But when i tell you that what you're watching on. Espn is infomercials to get you to the games that all of the programming is infomercials. That get you to the games. And when i tell you that the glory days of espn while it had journalist dick conflicts with its league partners. They were aspiring to do journalism. And then i tell you they meet that moment the other day in the first voice you hear on behalf of the company is kendrick perkins. After rachel nichols apologizes further. Tell you hey everyone that you think is an authority in that sport on the team of this time. Didn't tell you what matt sullivan just told you in paragraph after paragraph about what that team actually is and just how much kevin durant and kyrie irving run the whole place because of course they do because you have to give the keys to the kingdom over and you know who notices this. Aaron rodgers aaron rodgers. Look at this and it's like just. I'm gonna leave now because look at look at what they're doing across sports. They have to in basketball. Give the power to the guys who were the economies and are underpaid because there's a salary cap and so the greatest mutation of that in our lifetime of the super team and the player empowerment. Is this team where the nets have just said. You know what you guys run it. But i also find fascinating. You're not seeing any of that unless you read it in a guys book that we haven't heard of as a whole lot of people feed on this trough as information people who aren't giving you the real an actual information. I've found that fascinating as a journalist. But i don't blame the audience if they're like ho- home i don't i don't care it doesn't it doesn't matter to me. I just want to consume the empty calories. I don't care if the information is biased. I don't care if it's inaccurate. I don't care if it's trading or compromised. Just give me information. However it is that you get the information. Even if you have to lean against lebron's advisor who's exhausted by the black lives matter movement and me to last journalists. That person seen like that was it. Sara ganim with the penn state scandal. But i think you can understand how she came across at story. This is a story available to loge. Reputable basketball insiders with. Has you said a team that defines possibly era basketball given the sars that they have on the team matt sullivan sullivan of them. Yes that's excellent. How about that for just where we arrived where you see on one side. Hey worldwide leader in sports. What's missing over here. Just a dude who asked.

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