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Maguire free agency and Kevin. Why had a great run wonderful center gets in. And then the three older guys in the senior way. Pat, bolan the very very important owner of the Denver Broncos. There was a time. We're Pat bolan was one of the two or three most important and active and dominant owners in the league is suffering from Alzheimer's. He's not good. Kids on the stage there last night. So that's a very big day for the ball and family Bechtol and made enormous contributions to the NFL Gil Brandt who was part of the triumvirate who built the Dallas Cowboys, as you know, the Dallas Cowboys now they were built by Textron by Auvinen clerk Murchison and by personnel guy named Bill Bill Brandt. Gillibrand spin around the NFL is giving his life to the NFL song come out last night. As an older, man. But I know it meant the world to gillibrand to get that all the fame. So that was a nice thing. They did putting him in the hall of fame, and then Johnny Robinson who was a very good player in his own right years and years ago. So that's your group as far as the awards. It wasn't a big deal Mahomes. One VP surprise. Donald defensive player squad. Barclay beat out Baker Mayfield for the offense rookie, which is good because the good kid. Nice kid glady one defense rookie was Leonard who had a great year for the colts comeback player, of course, who had a wonderful season. And the coach was the bears Matt Nagy so nothing to quibble about their. So that gets all the stuff that happens on Saturday out of the way, good hall of fame group, Northern Ireland anybody there that group that I think is in doesn't deserve to get in the older guys. We know is different the five guys who got in Gonzales read, Bailey law more why not a big deal. I think they're all very very good. The one that some micro with this is Milwaukee. But more I was a really good center. Very mobile, very active. Very very good guy. Very good player for a long time. Very solid players. So. A guy who was a bit of a club house lawyer. So maybe people thought that might hurt him a little bit. But it didn't. And he deserves to get in there. We've got a lot on the game as you would expect we will get everything get all rolling from Atlanta. Right after this. Morning. There was a freshly..

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