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A bomb a bomb really sal govern palin a guy named richard christie who picked only kansas city chiefs which happen to work out good for him like a boom i lost to a bomb and this is where it happen and in in it happened right in front of that tv and it was it was painful there you kick some ass if fantasy you guys were like a scoring machine girlie todd i didn't have todd it wasn't like i had anything against them so you told me you told me i remember as you said joe don't bet against todd he's going to be back because everyone was like oh we're not taking on the first round that was i would've fixed to this guy is going to get like seventy catches this year a purely unbelievable so this and these are all second thoughts and second yeah i added guiding demarco murray no disrespect to dimarco murray that was my big that was my job he was a said i i'm trying to move forward you know like you're trying to endorse on the season yeah this lesson so i wonder did my fantasy football championship loss this would i really wonder golf did my fan see football championship loss hurt more than eur playoff loss to the falcons who i like to say no i like this thing i took it pretty hard but from senior right here may be coast it was tough so weak sixteen million taba without a big game against the titans i think i had four touchdowns and he had formed self as well and so i know that's like always a chamionship week right yes so like every year now that are at play well we sixteen because then you get the fans on your side you know probably want some people their championship me and todd and you know it's it's always fun you'll see in the fancy football tweets like hey man preciados while law.

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