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31 points. Tight, Marilyn man, home against Illinois. Salad expected Dante's got the ones I stepped between those lines. It's just me, the ball, whoever I'm defending. Yeah, that's a focus. NFL bills 24 ten, one of the Patriots. World Cup U.S. Netherlands tomorrow for a DCI coach Thomas Rodgers from Holland. Notes as U.S. team, second youngest in the tournament. They're so naive. They just want to play. They want to go out and enjoy themselves and showcase U.S. football. So that will definitely carry a long way for the U.S., their mentality has been absolutely brilliant. And next step, how are the key to a U.S. victory? 25 years ago downtown. David stern will pass the ball to mister Abe Poland, who will throw up the ceremonial first jump ball in MCI center. The wizards won that game against the sonics. Play here in Charlotte tonight. Dave Johnson, WTO be sports. At 8 17 here, every ten years, the world's top directors vote on the best movies ever made. And now Sight & Sound magazine has revealed the results of this year's director's poll. The film that directors admired the most is Stanley Kubrick's sci-fi masterpiece 2001, a space Odyssey for its mind boggling treatise on mankind's evolution. Directors rank Orson Welles Citizen Kane at number two as every shot has a symbolic idea with actors growing bigger or smaller depending on their emotion. The Godfather ranks third thanks to Francis Ford Coppola's symbolic imagery of sons becoming their fathers amid a corrupted American Dream, and fourth is Tokyo story as Japan's yasujiro ozu uses a static camera at floor level to show the pain of grandparents craving more time

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