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Channel forecast for this Tuesday, mostly sunny skies during the morning hours will become overcast in the afternoon with colder. Temperatures a high of fifty four tonight's low plummeting down to thirty eight degrees right now. Clear conditions. Forty degrees. Five thirty two at NewsRadio twelve hundred w away. I will the access falling at the bear county jail after two mistaken releases of inmates in two weeks. Sheriff havi are Salazar's jail administrator has been suspended after what he says was human error, pure and simple officer negligence. I'll be honest, this caller what it is officer negligence and lack of supervisory oversight. He says the jail is in line for a state inspection. And he wants it shaped up by then Salazar says, you can't walk out of a Costco without showing your receipt. He says it's not too much to ask that the county jail. Be as secure as a Costco, five Houston cobs have been wounded two of them critically when suspected drug dealers opened fire on them during a drug raid on Monday. This all came about because of a neighbor giving a tip to police that they believe that drug activity was happening at the house. That's right here behind us. They believe that that drug activity was taking place the police did their investigation found that that indeed was happening came to serve a warrant. And now, we're dealing with five of our officers recovering at memorial Hermann hospital officers announced themselves, and that's when two people inside the home started to shoot at them for the officers were struck by bullets and one of the officers was injured the two suspects or shot and killed at the scene. And it turns out one of the officers that was shot had previously been wounded by gunfire. In the line of duty. Firefighters were out at four AM on this blustery morning. Trying to contain a fire at a home in the eighty three hundred block of timber. Wow. That's in the great northwest neighborhood off a tesla road one man who was inside managed to get out safely. The fire began in the attic apparently in a furnace unit now that the city has regulations in place, the short-term home rental site Airbnb. Wants to expand its presence in San Antonio and bright with Airbnb says the laws passed by city council cover a range of rental uncertainties homeowners were sharing their homes, they actually typically want regulations because. Ambiguously is never a good thing that.

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