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It was definitely like just a bunch of dick stabs it needed to be nineteen i do like the fact that the daughter like tried to help and in a sense did help us about it yeah about a jasim yeah she came in so it was like the two women save the day and we must we mustn't forget at the end of all of this she goes on the stoop she hugs her children and she says i'm okay i'm okay and i almost cry because ain't that a black woman it's too like 'cause she i said we're okay and then she said i'm okay she was like we're okay i'm okay that was a moment for me that was like i feel like she did it for me that's what i mean when i said it was a moment for me and this is for the rashit is okay i'm okay and you're not you can strong black woman yourself to death i will never stop saying we we'd be strong woman in ourselves to death it's true and then she was like i mean she was yeah she was she was in frame she was you know holding everybody including your husband was cool and then the police did you notice then then you notice you see the police you see the police lights in the background and of course they come in too late even a wealthy even wealthy black family can't get the police to show up on time.

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