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And ideas. That will surprise you Just don't know what you're going to find challenge. You have to ask ourselves. Why is it noteworthy and even change you? I literally feel like I'm a different person. Yes. Do you feel that way Ideas worth spreading from Ted? And NPR. I'm a new summer roadie coming up the magic under the water. We've only really just begun to Explorer after all that eating breakfast, Cooper, Fine White Sam, What can we do to make sure that that lobsters keep getting to have their kinky sex lives on the show today? A love letter to the ocean? First this news Live from NPR news. I'm Barbara Klein President Biden. Another G seven leaders meeting in England say they want to work together to help developing countries finance big projects. NPR's Amy held reports they're looking to challenge increasing Chinese influence. The new initiative aims to address infrastructure needs in low and middle income countries with a focus on climate, health, digital technology and gender equality. The White House has released a framework for the plan, saying they hope to mobilize hundreds of billions of dollars in private sector capital over the coming years. More details, including around funding still need to be ironed out, but it's meant to serve as a counterpoint to Beijing's multi trillion dollar belt and road initiative behind some of the world's biggest projects. The White House says the pandemic has only worsened a $40 trillion infrastructure need in the developing world, and the collaboration between the U. S and other G seven nations seeks to narrow that gap. Amy held NPR news Police in Austin, Texas, are going through video surveillance after someone shot 13 people last night in the heart of the city's entertainment district. Nathan Bernier of member station Kut reports There's still no suspect. Sixth Street is lined with bars and gets so crowded on a Friday night that police shut the streets two vehicles so people can walk around. So it was a chaotic scene when someone started shooting people shortly before 1 30 this morning Ambulances at first had trouble reaching the area. So police officers used tourniquets and chest seals to apply first aid and then loaded some of the victims into their own patrol cars to rush them to the hospital. 13 people were shot. No one has died, but two people are in critical condition. Austin police have requested help from the FBI to review reams of video footage caught by police surveillance cameras and witness cell phones for NPR news. I'm Nathan Bernier in Austin. The U. S embassy in Cambodia says a plan diplomatic visit to a naval base There has been cut short. Michael Sullivan reports. The embassy says Cambodian officials have refused to allow the US defence attache adequate access to the base. There's been a lot of chatter in the past year about Cambodia's a ream naval facility. And the possibility it could be used as a forward military base by China, Cambodia's biggest investor and political partner. The defense attaches trip was scheduled after a meeting last week between Prime Minister Hun Sen and visiting US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman. But the embassy says the attaches Friday visit was cut short after Cambodian officials refused to allow him full access to the base. Cambodian spokesman Pay SaiPan, however, insisted his country had fulfilled its commitment but said he was open to more visits for NPR news. I'm Michael Sullivan in Chiang Rai. Thailand. This is NPR. The White House says President Biden in Russian President Vladimir Putin will not hold a joint press conference after they meet on Wednesday. Officials say a solo appearance by Biden is more appropriate to communicate with the free press about topics that are raised after what they say will be candid meeting A federal judge in Wisconsin is blocking a Biden administration program to forgive federal farm loans for people of color, Hope Kerwin of Wisconsin public radio reports. The temporary restraining order halts payments that were set to start this month under a new loan forgiveness program for socially disadvantaged farmers, including those who are black, Native American or Latino. The program was created under the last Covid 19 stimulus packages away to address long term racial discrimination within the U. S. Department of Agriculture. But a dozen white farmers suing the agency claimed the program is unconstitutional. Rick Essenberg is their attorney. The Supreme Court has made clear that all racial preferences are subject to strict scrutiny and that they cannot be justified by societal discrimination. A USD A spokesperson said the agency would continue to defend the program for NPR news. I'm hope Kerwin in lacrosse, Wisconsin. Man diving for lobsters in Massachusetts yesterday is nursing an injured leg after being spit out of the mouth of a humpback whale. Michael Packard says the whales scooped him up in its mouth and some 30 seconds later. Decided it didn't say for him or his scuba gear. I'm Barbara Klein NPR news. Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, a private corporation funded by the American People. And ER land, Pamela Mon thanking the people who make public radio great every day and also those who listen. Once Italians weren't considered white in the US either were Greeks or Jews. Today, Latinos are asking, where do we fit? Another big chunk of Latinos says that they're white. But if you actually talk to those people 2% of those who said they were white also said other people see them as white. I'm Karen Miller, how the term Latino was invented next time an innovation hub. That's this afternoon at two o'clock here on W B E Z. It's the Ted Radio Hour from NPR. I'm minutia, Zuma, Rohde and today we are spending our time together under the sea,.

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