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Could be at risk. Daniel Pinto's CEO at stanhope capital, among those forecasting some big changes for the banks that dominate small town America. You're going to see a wave of M and a. Luke Ellis CEO at man group says on top of murders more small banks might flat out go under. I think that we will have significant number of more banks that will not exist 12, 24 months from now that exist today. And he says small community banks are especially vulnerable as we move money at lightning speed using our cell phones. At any time of stress, people are going to move their money to one of the banks that they think the government is behind. And that means the deposit base of any of the smaller banks becomes flighty and the moment you've got banking doesn't work if you haven't got a stable deposit base. And on top of all this local and regional banks are also vulnerable to commercial real estate lending. And all the empty office buildings out there right now. Denise Pellegrini Bloomberg radio, and I'm Susanna Palmer in the Bloomberg newsroom. We're hearing about a couple of other banks who may have an eye on buying Silicon Valley bank, which of course collapsed a couple of weeks ago. Our source says valley national Bancorp and first Citizens Bank shares are both trying to buy Silicon Valley bank and have submitted separate bids for SVB to the federal deposit insurance corporation as of the deadline last Friday night. Our source says the FDIC is expected to choose a winner in the sales process, and that could happen as early as this weekend. No final decision has been made, and the FDIC could still decide to hold on to Silicon Valley bank or maybe sell it to somebody else. Less competition and little choice. That is the upshot of a national poll published Friday regarding the fusion of UBS and Credit Suisse banks. Fully three quarters of those responding said they believed that the Swiss financial sector as a whole would be weakened by the deal. They say UBS's emergency buyout of Credit Suisse group threatens to drastically shrink the financing options for small and mid sized companies after the fall of Credit Suisse, which had promoted Swiss entrepreneurship. Switzerland's banking regulator says Credit Suisse group faces the threat of a possible probe and disciplinary action over how top managers ran the bank in that lead up to its collapse and take over by UBS group. Finma president Marlene amstrad was interviewed by the NZ am Santa publication. Amstrad says whether to start fresh proceedings remains an open question, a spokesman for Credit Suisse declined to comment. Finma has come under scrutiny for whether it should have done more to prevent credit, Swiss collapse. There are lots of questions about the outlook for commercial real estate with people continuing to work from home. Luteus has said landlords face a 10% revenue hit on empty your offices. Jonathan Miller is president and CEO of Miller Samuel. The work from home phenomenon has fundamentally changed the metrics of commercial real estate. And the idea that people are going to return to the office 5 days a week is simply no longer a viable assumption. And we're already seeing that play out in the security swipe data from castle. We're seeing the numbers serve stuck at about half, meaning about half of the work of the buildings are being used compared to their pre-pandemic usage. Jonathan Miller there of Miller Samuel. Chocolate fans may want to start saving up Bloomberg's Nancy lions explains. Cocoa prices have climbed to their highest level in three years due to worries that there could be a drop in supplies. Farmers in the world's number one cocoa producing country, Ivory Coast, reports smaller than usual beans being produced, making them less attractive to buyers because they require more processing by traders and chocolate manufacturers. Farmers though say they're optimistic that the mid crop season will plug the shortfall. Global news 24 hours a day powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts and over 120 countries. I'm Susanna Palmer. This is Bloomberg

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