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Carly Fiorina, former chairman, and CEO of Hewlett Packard, and blah, blah, blah, presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate and good friend and really good person. Who? I got to know fairly well, and I just admire her so much. She is she is written new book that is not about politics. And I think it's far more important. Welcome to the program Carly Fiorina. Thank you. Good morning. Glenn? So good to talk to you can't talk to you. So Carly it's so strange that you write this book because I my father died a few years ago, and my father really shaped my life, and and shaped my thinking in so many ways and for reasons not worth getting into now. I lost a lot of that after he died and. I've been trying to figure things out. I went to Tony Robbins. I spent some time with Tony Robbins. And and and that is helped get my my Mojo back in many ways and trying to, you know, take control of my of my own power in my own mind, and and worked to my potential. It's a hard thing to do if you don't know a few basic secrets. To grab onto your own potential and to realize that you have. A a lot of power in you as an individual. Well, that's exactly why wrote this book, which is called signed your way. And I wrote it now because honestly, I think so many people feel the way you felt after your dad died, so many people feel kind of helpless, and powerless, and hopeless, and they look at institutions that they thought were supposed to be solving problems and making things better. They're disappointed by so many people who call themselves leaders because they have positions and titles, and yet what I've learned from my own life. But more importantly from the lives of so many people I've met in so many different places along the way. Here's some fundamental things. That are true all of us have more potential than we realize period. Number two, people closest to the problem know best how to solve it always whether they're given the opportunity to do. So where they think it's their job to do. So or they have the resources to do. So if there's a problem that impacts each of us, we actually know what would make it better. And number three. Leadership onto mentally the purpose of leadership position or title, or wealth or fame. It's to solve problems and change the order of things for the better and leaders are made in the end leadership is a choice. And so what I talk about in this book is what does it take to lead some fundamental things that are really hard to learn, but they are within each of our capacity to learn things like courage. We're all afraid how do you get over your fears character, we're all tempted to do the easy thing instead of the right thing, we're all tempted to let the ends justify any means, even if we know they're wrong. And by the way, we see that going on around us all the time things like humility an emphasis. That we lose Harley. Did we lose her because I don't hear it phones? Yes. We lost her. That's too bad. You know, it's it's amazing courage. Character, humility empathy. These are these are the things that would cure us. If we had empathy for people if we could hear a Trump supporter and not see a red hat, and you know, he's obviously a racist. And we had empathy and we said. What what makes you wear that red hat, you might find. Because I think he has the best policies, blah, blah. But you also might find because I am concerned about my job. I'm concerned about I'm concerned about the loss of the constitutional principles. That are happening. I'm concerned that nobody in Washington was trustworthy, you'd find out all kinds of things that are actually the eight you're able to you know. You know, work on and understand. Instead, we just make cartoon characters out of each other. Because we don't have empathy, and we certainly don't have we don't have humility how many how many leaders do, you know, right now on television, the people who are so called betters are humble enough to go. Wow. I got that one wrong. I really got that one wrong doesn't that? Make you more interesting personality too. Yeah. I find the people. I'm Blake Harrison. We've been talking about him a lot this weekend. I find people like that to be the most interesting types of people in my because they're they're willing to admit they made a mistake. There are in Blake's case, there's willing to have their mind changed. Yeah. And that comes from courage and character in humility and empathy Carly's back on I'm sorry. Carleen don't know how we dropped you. But she just dropped again. Oh my gosh. Third time is a third time is a charm. This is you know, at this is he's tricking us. This is Russia. Yes. Collusion with Trump. That's what Russia and Trump working together. Working to stop this interview. Right. Exactly. Right. I think I'm pretty sure anything anything bad that happens you can blame on collusion between Russia and Trump. They're very then they'll go for it. It's like a catch all what used to be global warming test scores Donald Trump and Russia colluding. That's what it is phones. Dropping that's what it is partly fee arena. Are you there? I'm back. I'm sorry. That's okay. But you couldn't hear me. Apparently. I'm so sorry. Okay. So Carly you were at courage character. Humility empathy the things that you say are really important. Yes. And seeing possibilities in even tough circumstances. But particularly seeing possibilities and other people. These have always been the core of leadership, by the way, but we're mixed up about it. Because we think it's position title also mixed up about it. Because our culture, let's face it lifts up. Everything about these things. You know, we lift up outrage conflict controversy fame, you know, we lift up all these things. And so people start to wonder do these fundamentals still matter, and yes, they do particularly if somebody wants to change the order of things for the better in their own life in their own place of work in their own sphere of influence and solve the problems in front of them. And that we can all do if we learn or relearn some basic disciplines, and I have some very practical. How to tips of you know, how to get more brave. Two things. How do you practice getting brace? So that is something I just had dinner with somebody last night who we had that very conversation about courage, and it is I mean, it was interesting, you said, courage character humility, I'm not sure which one comes first. I mean, I think character is the product of of embodiment of all these other things, but does the courage. Come before humility, I mean. How do you? How do we shape? Correct. How do we grow it? It's a package deal. And of course, one of the things one of the reasons I say, this is counter cultural right now is. First, let's knowledge everyone's afraid of something. I do a lot of work with wounded warriors. And you would think these are people who can't be afraid of anything given what they're what they've gone through. But they are they're afraid of being pitied. What are we all afraid of? I mean, there are existentialist fears. I'm afraid I'm going to die. I'm afraid my Buddy's going to die. I'm gonna fray, I'm afraid someone. I love is going to die. But the truth is most of us are paralyzed by the more superficial fear. I won't sit in. I'll make a mistake. I'll get criticized. A look foolish off fall on my face, those fears hold us back and in this culture today. My gosh, everybody wants to fit in. No, one wants to be criticized because criticism is so brutal out there, or you know, we curate our Instagram photos or life looks perfect for people. And so in order to actually change things you have to be willing to get brave and say, okay, I might make a mistake. I do have to take a risk. People will criticize me it's the price of changing things for the better. But nevertheless, I'm gonna move on. I wanna play something of this is an Instagram star yesterday. This video came out yesterday afternoon wanna play just a little bit of this, Sarah. Can you roll the Instagram star star that is that is receiving shutdown notices on some of her platforms? Hey, guys. In the middle at eight. Am I is that deleted? Yeah. I've tried to get it back. I'm calling everybody. I can't. Yeah. I don't know. Why it's so Righi Overby I've been because of this. Because I want to be on Instagram and really just recording this video. I I'm nothing without my phone. Without my phone, eight Carly, this is one of the saddest things I've ever heard. Yeah, I'm nothing without my following. Yes. And this is what our culture is lifting up right now. You know, I wrote this book for everyone who's feeling helpless, and hopeless and powerless, and especially in many ways for young people who have in normal pressure to fit in and. That is not our purpose in life. I mean, it's wonderful to have friends. It's wonderful to receive accolades, but I think there's a reason that the bible talks more about courage than almost anything else. Because all change for the better. Requires courage, bravely. One of the practical tips, I put in here is right down what you're afraid of what he did down. You know, my first business meeting ever. I started out as the secretary as you know, Glenn. But when I finally went off and got my MBA, and I landed in big corporation, and I was at this entry level job. My first meeting. I was informed that my first meeting to meet a customer was going to be held in the strip club. Because that's what men did. And because they didn't really much care for me being around. I was terrified terrified I sat for hours by myself trying to figure out on my God, what am I gonna do? And Finally, I had to write it down. What am I afraid of? And what I wrote down was I'm afraid of looking like an idiot, by the way. I did I'm afraid of being in a circumstance that I'd never been in before. And then I said, okay. What's the worst thing that happens here? I look like an idiot. But actually there's something worse, which is I get scared off. And I can't do my job. One of the things that we all need to do is stop and pause and reflect bravery anyone will tell you courage isn't the absence of fear. It's moving past fear, and we are so afraid of not fitting in, but when we all fit in guess what happens. Nothing gets better. It just all stays the same Carly Fiorina. The name of the book is find your way back in just one minute with more from Carly. Let me tell you about our sponsor this power. It is lifelock. The IRS is warning about scam..

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