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I remember that. Core that was like an urban legend that was just like baked into our childhood for sure, but still always a good idea I remember. Our six grade teacher told us this. Mindy, which is kind of disturbing. Now that I think of it so I remember sixth grade teacher told us that every time. She opens her car door, she. Like jogs up and down. So that one foot is always in the air. She's opening her car door. If someone's under the car, they can't slash both of her ankles. Does kind of a fucked up thing to tell sixth graders I. Don't remember that at all. Oh, I totally remember that. That's probably one of the things that. Amongst many that kind of helped. Propel me into the whole like obsession with true crime. I'm going to say I do remember that had all, but that's crazy. It's also a really good advice I guess, but fucked up as to why she would have told us in sixth grade, but okay I'm going with it. I'll remember it because we were young women who are going to be driving one day, and she wanted us to be safe or a chair, and here's a horror movie question. The follow up to prom. Night is considered a sequel. Though has nothing to do with the events of the original. A Prom Queen is set on fire by accident thirty years later she comes back as a demon and possesses an innocent teen. This is a nineteen eighty seven film who's beginning takes place in nineteen fifty seven. What is the correct title referred to as and that was a crazy question. To Larry, Lou. Shit Sh-. Do this is my question? So sorry, I think it's. Hello Mary Lou Prom night to yes, it is very good, good guess. Prom night to electric bigalow. All right I think we're going to do one more for each of you again. Mindy starring Gregory Peck in nineteen seventy, six and live Schreiber in the two thousand six remake, which horror movie features Damien as the new anti Christ, either no options or I go for it. Are you serious mini? Waiting pausing the same more like ABC, but I would go with the OH. Man, yes, you are correct. What Oh away! Darren last. Question share. Don't answer for me nominee. Them and drink. What is the name of the Nineteen eighty-one American? British comedy horror film in which actor David Naughton turns into a Werewolf an American Werewolf in London yes, you are correct. You both ended on a win. We don't. We get one more serial killer. Fine. Sharon's even the score her. Mindy. It's your turn, okay? How did the GIGGLING granny murder? Many members of her family a poison be stab with a knife or see shot. who wrote this? I don't now, can you before she answers? Can you put the giggling granny on our list of serial, killers or research? WHAT THE FUCK! You might want that Holy Shit. The. I feel like. Obvious answers to go with a which I'm GonNa do yes, you are correct. That's what I would have said. Yeah, because that is basically If a woman's GONNA kill someone. Usually they used poison. They use a non violent method because we're civilized. They giggling granny. I want to know more shit. Yeah, I, don't think a granny could easily stab all of the members of her family. Hey well, you never know I. Did Watch the lifetime movie killer killer grandma. And we all know how accurate lifetime movies are. No, but she she did more than just poison. So that's all I'm saying. You know what as a feminist I'm going to say, women can do more than just. Shoot Stab. We can strangle with the best of them just like the men Ram. I won't say anything otherwise, because otherwise I might get poison women power. Or speaking of women murdering. What were the last words of Eileen Pittman? Before she was executed a, they deserved it be I will be back or see. Thank goodness, it is over. They deserved it. They may have, but that is not what she said, Mindy. No, they did not deserve it, mindy, do you have a? You have a chance to steal here. I'm going to go at C.. Thank, Goodness Trivia game is over. That is not the correct answer, but thank goodness it is over. She said I will be back interesting so the final tally, and did you come back? As Eileen War `nos, maybe president is it spelled the same the first name? Was Eileen were noces. First Name Spelled I. L. E. and I think. What what you're what you're. Did this person get executed? No Clue Google Spencer Pedia. That's what you're here for. You don't tell me what to do. You don't tell me what's what wait. Maybe it is the same person. Why didn't they use her? Yeah, she was born. Eileen Pittman Oh God dammit well that changes things. Does it I know she didn't say I deserve it. I thought it was a totally different person. If you knew the answer then, why didn't you say I will be back? Her name was Pittman. Did you know I lean more noces last words? Yep. About sounded like a lot of confidence right there. Well No, but honestly, though if I knew it was Eileen. I don't know why this quiz and say. Eileen wore warno because way more popular than Eileen Pittman. You have to be a real super van of hers to know her last name anyways. I know she would not have said A. They deserved it, but anyways I digress with did Eileen, wore noses. Victims deserve it Kinda. No, they did not. No one deserves murder..

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