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Really creative and they bring them together every single year for a sales conference basically fresh you know the annual sales conference where they bring together their their big champions and then they inspire them they teach them how to fundraise they make them leaders within their communities so it's really it's a winwin and i think every organisation has the opportunity to find likeminded people who also care about their caused so that fundraising doesn't have to be such a lonely battle nothing like passion for those people fourth area and the one where founder said they made their most mistakes was leading collaboratively what are they wish they had done better well what organizations i think realize this that that that the human resources challenge of running a nonprofit is is huge and that it's so critical not only to hire well but but also to fire well you know so often there you find that there are employee's that are part of the organization that aren't maybe necessarily a good fit and and and people say on too long in that can really diminish the culture of the organization and so what i hear from the best nonprofit leaders is that they figure out how to develop hiring practices that are authentic to the organization that really identify with the culture of the organization and like charles best at our friend who you're talking about charles best runs donors choose and he asks every single job candidate at what are you grateful for because he has a culture at donors choose of really really strong positive attitude people who want to give back and so if you can't come up with more than like your mom and that's not you know that's not a good answer he wants people who are grateful for a lot of people in their life and so developing lead this culture of really knowing who you are knowing what you're looking for and then empowering people within your team at every single level whether it's your senior leadership your team at your staff or your even your board of directors is really critical to success and very few have done that any better than achieve akiba's a fabulous example the crowdfunding platform for uh for for small businesses for microenterprises around the world i mean khiva had the blessing.

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