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Very happy new year to you and yours as well and all of our listeners. I'm dave grave line. I'm chris grave line. This person adventure tomorrow is brought to you. In part by streamed is streaming media and podcasting solutions for the smartest businesses on the internet. Visit stream guys dot. Com michael tyler. Texas listening on k. Tbb ninety seven point five fm. Michael the pants. The iphone even the galaxies the charge poured so much things Band amount of time and she keep those a use them. They just don't hold up. I was hoping that maybe they put some type connectors on there. But that's probably not going to happen but Anyway your thoughts on that. Thanks our pleasure michael. We hadn't heard a lot of complaints about the ports themselves. Lots of people complained about the cables even though those put up with a lot of abuse. But we haven't heard any complaints about the port. Now you may be in luck though. Odds are your phone already has another way to charge. That harder to break wireless charging you're probably a good candidate for charging pad that can charge your phone now. You should never really need to plug it in but if you ever find yourself having to do it at least van your port will be brand new unlikely to work. Yep and of course. The usb c connectors have made a big difference too. Because you can't plug it in wrong. It can plug in either direction upside down right side up. What have you and therefore you're not forcing it in like you do with other connectors and that's really the cause for love those usb ports breaking because you're all the constant trying to get an upside down the up what do you think. Let us know at eight hundred eight nine nine into or better yet. The into tomorrow app bringing you the latest consumer electronics and technology. This has been into tomorrow with dave grave line to participate with dave in high tech geniuses and win prizes anytime twenty four seven. Use our free into tomorrow app for your iphone android and net books available in your app store or call one eight hundred eight nine into. That's one eight hundred eight nine four six eight six sure to visit our website anytime to read our show notes and watch our it tv videos at into tomorrow dot com and join us next week as we bring you further into tomorrow.

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