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I kinda got chance to sit back and reassess things and just really learn the offense all that stuff. And then now, I'm feeling fully healthy. So I don't have to worry about. Oh, my knee hurts on this job or anything like that. I can just go full speed. Nine hundred receiver the rookie Dante Pettis, and you know, what he's he's going to make you frustrated at times because. He'll turn down some hits. He had an alligator arm situation in the first half where he heard footsteps cross the middle. But man, he really did. He's really played pretty consistent football guys. And if you look at his numbers from today. Three catches forty nine yards got in the end zone. I thought I was I was very impressed by by just the fact that he keeps fighting through. And you know every week and finding a way to make a contribution. Then the other guy Jeff Wilson, I mean, a hard running. I mean, he's going to talk about a guy who's going to need to sit in the tub tonight. Twenty three carries for ninety yards less than four yards of pop for Jeff Wilson. And he's you know, he's gonna be sore tomorrow. Dennis. There's no question he took some big big hits. But both those two young players Pettus and Wilson, he the headliners kiddle and Mullins will get some of it as well. But those two guys had a lot to do with this victory. Yeah. And you know, cow Shanahan said I mean, he's he said if the last three weeks he wants to take a look at what he has on his roster. And and it's so good to see these young guys. But we've been waiting for Dante Penn is for while. And you know, he's he's back to full healthy. He's getting a lot of rips in practice, and he's showing up on games. I mean, he he still, you know, he's young. He's still got a lot of things to learn about the NFL. But when it comes down to like today. I mean, he he had a he had a crucial drop on third down. But then he came back. Back and made a clutch catch on the third down. So he like you said he keeps working through it. And I think it's just gonna be more experience more reps. And I love the fact that couch Shanahan is is kind of featuring him a little bit. I mean marquees was back today. But I think you saw Dante Pettis getting more targets today. So I think as he goes on these these these final games you're going to see more out of him. And I just hope he continues to grow. And the thing is people go back and watch us if you have this after game taped. I just happened to get lucky and I was watching him specifically he was out on the wide right on the touchdown pass. And the corner was pressing him right up a faked inside went outside completely Joop the guy out of his cleats and made a really simple catch in the corner of the end zone on on a good throw from Nick Mullins. But that's the key to being a great receiver in this league. They're gonna jam you. They're going to hold you. They're going to be physically the especially when they look at his frame and the word early on. I'm sure was physical this guy. And they tried to press him on that play. He just he juked right around. It had had an. Of what he was going to do had a game plan and beat that. And that's why he got the touchdown because within a small space. He just made a great move on. He's like he's at those those like like, you said the basketball moves, I'm he'll just in the he'll get that separation. It'd be behind you right away. If you try and we were talking about a two yard touchdown. We're talking about fake jab step in out the corner. Went for the ball was already up in the air. And he scored a touchdown in the corner. And it was like, wow. That's how you get off GM. Hey, safety wise through it out last segment. What do you think? I mean, you got a lot of different bodies here. You know, you've got. You know, you've got a lot Adrian Colbert, John. I IRA Jimmy ward. Maybe maybe plays next year for the Niners. Maybe he doesn't he's already. Maybe he's moving on in free agency that there's other guys there's TJ read. There's there's Marcel Harris there's there's just a lot of options back there. Jakubowski tart, what do you think right now? Gimme your gimme your two favorite safety's going forward. Who's your who's your one's next summer? I I like I like tart I like the way he plays. He's got the experience. He's got to stay a lot healthier. But when you look at Marcel hairs today last week got a lot of miss tackles last week this week. You saw him making those plays. You know, he had a cat a sack today. I mean, he was rushing. The pastor he was making one on one tackles, I like this kid, and again, you know, like with the young guys on offense is great to see this is what you talk about. When you say developing players now you've got to safeties. Now, the had good games DJ DJ re or DJ Jones. Read and Marcel Harris, I mean, these are two guys now that you can start kind of building your secondary behind. You can say, hey, listen, these guys who were showing up on the tape on game day and their physical Waltham were physical today and their technique. Look a whole lot better than last week. You know, it's interesting because to me, I'm not a huge K Juan Williams fan. I DJ read is that kind of playmaker. In the way that the game is played. Now, you have a slot corner. He's pretty much on the field. The entire time usually playing with just a couple of linebackers guy in the slot against three wide receiver sets. I think DJ read is best suited as a nickel corner. That's where I think he's going to be. You're a slot corner with his quickness. So I think that's where he's gonna end up. I liked tart as you said at the strong safety position. I think that again health is the big key for him. But he's big he can be your he's not as physical as a Kam chancellor. But nobody is. But I mean, he's big he's been a playmaker in the past lake close to the line of scrimmage. I think he's fine. That leaves you needing a free safety. I like read I think he could go sideline to sideline. But I think he's better in the slot. So I'm not sure. He's gonna play the free because Harris to me is a strong as well. I think he's like tart. But I think tart has when healthy has earned that starting spot. You know, I I agree with you wholeheartedly on read. I think Reid is an ideal slot corner. He's feisty. I think he he's going to be in better shape. Next summer. I love him at the EPA slot corner. Actually, like the idea of tart moving from strong to free and Marcel starting at strong to me, then you've got two guys who can run and hit. I guess maybe I'm a little a little soured on Colbert just because he backslid in my is pretty dramatically from what I saw last year. But he's still, you know, the culprit that we saw last year big strong, fast and productive. We did see that player this year if we can see that player get next summer. Maybe I'll change my mind. Larry FitzGerald played just keep sticking in my head with him where he played a game. Christopher Brennan, the posting in you know, that you have deep middle, and you just can't let that go. And he runs to the wide and there's three guys they get it. Larry FitzGerald hall of Famer, but you've got two guys out, and we don't need three and you run right by Christian Kirk who's running the deep post, and you're going was he possibly thinking right there. And look it's one play. And you you you shouldn't characterize a guy based on one play. But if you did before he got hurt that was kind of his season in a nutshell it away can't be are. We can take time out. We're gonna come back and talk a little bit about this. Now, I I really in a game where the forty Niners win. I really don't like asking the question what happened to the other team? But I think in this, particular instance, it's a fair question. What happened to the Broncos? The Broncos were a playoff team or at least in the playoff race. They didn't fire today was that the Niners did to them. Or was that the personnel losses that they've incurred? So anyway, Cambior's. The phone number. We'll talk about that topic next as we continue. If you want to jump in here bang-up number eight awake Cambio Niners. If you're just tuning in twenty two fourteen winners over the Denver Broncos. They upped their record to three and ten. They'll take on the Seahawks here next week. And of course, also a one o'clock start, but more of your calls straight ahead on these sports leader KNB are six eighty this season. You look forward.

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