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Time look which is big of a ditch across a year right and we'll just wait until the levels little water givi we will have locks and stuff we'll just wait till the waters even out emilia osgood i made combest him sent not to co you know to discover how new confident who looking for the ones we knew about his future at this it kills me i can do no purpose and then he said will now do we found these new places will just conquer of pillage and we'll take all kind of diseases back to europe we'll trade diseases millions of people have died will be great detabali the foreign memory and swiss ralph ralph been patiently waiting ralf welcome to the program yoko nutricula republican party of a corporate for president ronald reagan gene crevassed personal corker i'm glad you brought up corker ralph a judas do that just to get me go when this morning did you go way yeah i thought i was already mad diagara fog at me go and the the nfl gives me go when the ntv defaced columbus day and then you have to come in with the kuta in a mention corker you other joe rowe proposal allowed loik while pike of dynamite small baggage are at literally any of their and marina in and then as they you know what's so funny about corker he's been acting lark he's in the same category he must have gone to john mccain's senator training school which is at one while the public voting for you but once you know you're out or your solidly in then your true colours gummed alive goes corker is he's really started up now i'm short as a corker israeli started up now yeah well i think i think does a just did it just like it is show i'm in the guy's got a lot of goods a small guy but he's not adopt a chicken you know what like workers got a lot of guys we're we're his guys what was corker not the one who helped us get this iran nuclear deal when that corker no i think though who by obama administration near the world powers.

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