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Joel embiid twenty three points seven rebounds six block shots and some of it with a mask some it without a mask he's got incredible feat incredible hands incredible size he can shoot the basketball can passable and oh yeah by the way he's got personality outside of that mrs lincoln how was the show in an era in which we that some people believe the big guy has gone the way of the dodo or the big guy is to nba teams with the running back is the lone star running back adrian peterson is to to the nfl that's not reality the reality is if you want to be seven feet tall you have to be able to shoot guard out in the permettre do all these things and then if you can score inside you can score will because everyone else's playing small here's the crazy thing i think ben simmons is great there has been no bigger cheerleader for the red shirt rookie than me none i told i called everybody wants to be call it i guy i was call it first guy but he's not even the best prospect on his own team that's how talented that's how much potential joel embiid has and don't get me wrong it all comes with the asterisk if he can stay healthy if he can understand what it takes to win a big game might because you'll be is just as likely to take contested three as he is to get it down the block where he can seemingly score will he just he plays every fourth quarter like it's the first quarter and that's not how you win championship games championship series that said if you want to if you go through all the things you have to do to be a superstar in two thousand eighteen in the nba at seven feet tall he checks literally every box outside of experience.

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