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It's easy to make a ton of power out of that little five. You ever going gonna get into those. Yeah you should there be a good time. I drove one. That was like nine hundred horsepower and it was an animal ran like nine. Second quarter mile craziness built. It looks stock was named seems a little much for that car. Well i wouldn't it was it. Was it definitely what it feel the same show. Tanner yeah I don't know if this car would do it for thirty minute. Track day but on an outlet a hot flyer a cool down. He ran at Miami international rosval Right yet rhovyl He ran the same laptop as a portion eighteen. The i can see that. I mean i did it once. I mean super high tune cards. That's parts of the canal app by time. Do ten they they. They melt everything down. Yeah the problem. Yeah we were talking earlier about track day cars you know so i mean having thousand cars for cars is not a good not a good idea for that that one thing it was very cool a few questions from the people that see robert eastwood recently acquired any thirty nine five with one hundred and seventy five thousand miles on it now outside of standard full service. What should i address timing chain rod bearings. I mean one hundred. Seventy five thousand miles. Eight seat should rebuild the engine. They're good for usually about one hundred and fifty real. He's about twenty five thousand past and overhaul and.

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