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I understand understand. It's a difficult situation with Sam not playing and having to play with their third string quarterback but if you are going to be the quarterback whisperer if you are going to be the offensive guru this is the time to kind of show that in help this football team. I got news for their offense looked awful last week too and that was with Sam darnold and with everybody healthy right much more on the Monday tonight as we go but as you're probably where it was a huge day in the NFL yesterday l. Let's go yeah greedy because well at least I'm donald coming back. steelers fans don't have that distinction. Ben Rothlisberger will undergo surgery on his injured elbow. It'll be placed on I R ending his two thousand nineteen season after just two games. Pittsburgh's going to move forward with their two thousand eighteen third third round pick Mason Rudolph but obviously they're disappointed about like that you know the whole thing quarterback great leader great role model of our team the last pass years time so much because it'll be tough this year but we have like I mason you know we all believe in him that he's in a job. It's it's crazy. I mean it's it's obviously losing the lead of our team but you know just I kind of crazy turn of events with an injury but I'm excited to step up rather released an official statement Monday which read in part I am completely determined to battle through this challenging comeback stronger than ever next season the steelers committed three years to me this off season and I fully intend to honor my contract act and reward them with championship level play. I will do all I can to support Mason and the team this season to help win games. I love this game my teammates the steelers organization and fans and I feel in my heart. I have a lot left to give what's bringing in as we talk about. Mak- Fitzpatrick Dan Grazziano Mike Tannenbaum unabomb are going to weigh in but it appears at least right now that they're not putting on the season they're going to upgrade their deepens which will be a big benefit to mason rudolph acquiring. DB Making Fitzpatrick in a trade with with the dolphins late last night steelers sending out there twenty twenty first and fifth round picks and they're twenty twenty one six round pick in the deal. It's a huge hall fellas and I want you to start with you. Mike you'll find doubt as the front office right insider that you are going to lose your franchise quarterback for the year. What immediately are you doing in that front office or your social your options and fortunately for them. They drafted Mason Rudolph in the third round a year ago. So if I'm the steelers I have him. He's been the system for over a year and a half. I have another young guy on the practice squad delvin Kevin Hodges but now what I have to figure out is what am I going to do moving forward in terms of do I have a quarterback for the future or not and use the season to to make that evaluation of the quarterback and if I do then I have rothlisberger have Rudolph moving forward so that's going to do first and then look for in the fall at all my options moving forward if that doesn't work out perplexing to many though Dan Right because you look at a steelers the state of this dealers they let right and Tonio Brandon Levian Bell Walk Right they lose Ben Rothlisberger. No one would begrudge them saying let's just chalk this season to anelle instead they traded away a first round of ring and Minka Fitzpatrick and they're going to go with masonry. What are they thinking right. They're not wired for give up and rebuild. I mean Mike. Tomlin's never had a losing season. They don't they don't know what that is so so they're gonNA rally behind Mason Rudolph. They're talking him up. Everything you hear out of that. Building is very positive on Mason Rudolph right now. They believe he can help them win. MINKA Fitzpatrick yes. It's a win now move but it's also a twenty two year old player who was an early draft just last year and they have in for three more years after this one at less than two to million a year like this is a this is a move that they might look at it and say this guy is better than anybody. We use that first round pick on next April but then it's a big respite is if it doesn't work. It's a top five pick that they could use on that quarterback if Rudolph doesn't work out correct burgers season. That's a good way to say. He's sort of old so for many again. This is going on. Mason booed off without knowing very much about him. Greenie I want to echo what Graziano just said to be honest with. You lose his my opinion if that pick whatever it turns out to be if they hit an absolute homerun with it that player will wind up being as good as fitzpatrick. You got a great young player who has already gotten paid most of his rookie deal so he's inexpensive for for me. I love the deal now. The question is can they win this year with Mason Rudolph. That's an entirely different question. Do you think they can no. I don't think they can although they did drive Mason Jason the third round that's that's value in that big and he had a successful career at Oklahoma state but guys their office virgo wouldn't having a lot of success in this often before he got hurt so the thing that makes a Rudolph is going to come in and transform the Pittsburgh steelers in the winter you out of your mind we just talked about the Cleveland browns and continuity woody and trying to figure out how to play together now you bring in a new quarterback who owned by the way after him you struggle so you probably a bit more protective employed call and if you believe. Internet much this is an interesting situation in Pittsburgh especially after all the compensation I agree with you Marcus and here's the thing to your point with Big Ben Struggling. They don't have play makers. There's on offense right now outside of Jews you there is no other playmaker besides Ben Rothlisberger. He's the ultimate Pittsburgh steeler audio to play make over the last couple of years and so now we're going to think that Mason Rudolph here's the guy that needs to step forward because Mason Rudolph and James Washington receiver number thirteen played together at Oklahoma state the last it is time to him in real football games. He was the bullet Nicole winter at the college football. Lever Mason Rudolph is going to be the guy that gets this team to playoff contention this year. It's gotta be that relationship that he has with James Washington and that's one that matters quarterbacks often have receivers that they like James Washington. Never had that that vibe in relationship with big. Ben They can hit it. It'll help I'll say again. I don't know if they can win any games this year but I think fitzpatrick is part of rebuilding rebuilding the defense you can find on what Abidi not yet a lot of different places besides just the draft so that was the big story from earlier in the day yesterday l. How about the Big One later in the day exactly there must be something in a water in Florida because the DB's CBS are happy jalen Ramsey agent bags corner jalen Ramsey confirmed espn that he requested the team trade his client. You may remember you're seeing it right now. That cameras caught Ramsey and his head head coach. Doug marrone get into a heated exchange on the sideline during Sunday's loss at the Texans. Dan What's the latest on Jalen Ramsey trying to force his way out. You're talking to a a couple sources around this situation it serious it does not have anything to do with the contract. It's about relationships there and you know he's he's at the point where breaking point in the relationship with the head coach and the front office. He's not the first player to run into this with this administration in Jacksonville but he eats probably the best one and at this point they are having conversations about trading. My understanding is Jacksonville wants a first round pick and then something else like another good pick or player and they're probably going to get it. This is an elite level guy. Maybe maybe the best cornerback in the entire League depending on how you assess it but he's also a guy you're gonNA have to pay. He's got a thirteen point seven million dollars team option for twenty twenty and after that he's going to be the highest paid quarterback in the league that means fifteen sixteen million a year at least that's something you have to factor in when you trade a first round pick for. Dan FEMME Jacksonville. We saw what happened. I work really hard on. Why did it happen and fix it. Getting corners like Jalen. Ramsey is impossible correct. I've worked on for twenty years when you have after he stays in the building he is so good he can take the Shawn Watson Wanna one. He makes the other ten players on defense so much better because now you could double editor players. You have after figure out how to make it work. He is a cornerstone player. That cannot leave that building. Send Jalen Ramsey of Nick foles meant there might have been the only distinguishable Jaguar he's the rare combination of bravado and the ability to back it up Greenie. He has the fifth lowest completion percentage against him in the last three years in the League so he is the definition of a shutdown so what we think's thank you hear all the conversation over there. If you are the Jaguars e trading jalen Ramsey yeah I gotta figure out a way to trade him and get some something good back for listen. I just looking at he put his hands on Doug Monroe. You know how I am about people putting their hands off people so if the relationship is sal salvageable. You have that conversation but based on this. I don't think so what people have to remember. Jalen Ramsey was just in a bad situation with the Jaguars about a country previous today's so this is not a new. Oh boiling point for Jalen Ramsey. This problem is something that is drawing up but he put his hands on Doug should've went over there and and my reaction when I heard this yesterday was like okay the jags because of the situation organization should try and Trade Jalen Ramsey but then I thought well because that means you're choosing the head coach over the player if you believe as a Jaguars Organization Coughlin and whatnot that Doug Marrone is your future head coach for a year or two but five or six years then yes you move on from Jalen. Ramsey didn't get what you can right now but if you're not sold that on him being your head coach you absolutely don't think twice about moving on from Jalen Ramsey because he is one of the premier corners and football relationship would be different but that's the thing like it's the head coach. Who are you going to choose like we kind of the giants in a way where the giants chose. Pat Shurmur over Odell in many ways if you're GONNA IF YOU'RE GONNA choose to Trade Jalen Ramsey. It's because you think Doug Marrone is your long term head coach and listen. Odell Beckham is a brilliant player. I think it is more valuable to have one of the very few shutdown corners. NFL than a receiver you absolutely right. There are a lot more of them. Oh don't maybe the best. I'm not taking anything away from him. You get I agree with Dan about you. Jalen Ramsey on your team. You do every that means. You're moving on from the head coach. I I'll do that right Lincoln. I all right. We have just getting started coming up this warning on Gadot speaking of Odell he was back in Jersey last night and made the jets pay why the browns may have uncorked something special with just one play and then Tom Brady and the Patriots traits their first two games. Are they that good or their opponents that bag. Is it a perfect seeds and on the way we'll answer that more. It's got up on. ESPN get up is brought to you by GEICO. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance..

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