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For more information on how a master's degree from bentley can upgrade your pay grade visit bentleyeduhere upgrade now living human error is the reason for the panic in hawaii today ever women the state was notified of an incoming ballistic missile it was a false alarm senator ryan shots is not happy acceptable they did it had a failure to plan a new process for notifying are the public hearing a case that if not a false alarm but they have articulated a process that works and that's what we just went through a wise governor says it was a mistake made if a change of shift at the state office of emergency management six senators 3 from each party of come up with an immigration bill the calls for a twelve year path to citizenship for the dreamers young illegal immigrants have known no other home but the us the ap says the bill it also spend more than one and a half billion dollars for border security structures including a wall in some places seven the number at the moment as those still missing in mudslides around mata cedo california i'm richard johnson and i'm susanna palmer from bloomberg world headquarters barron's reports some of wall street's most seasoned investors don't see an end in sight to the rampaging bull market as part of barron's mid year round table discussion mary yoga belly jeff regan lack abby joseph cohen and fellow panelist said they expect to global economic strength and rising corporate profits to keep the stock market humming along though they said potential headwinds may come from rising treasury yields a resurgence of inflation and credit tightening on.

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