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When we meet, he'll probably about crush my hand when we shake hands. They brought me the phone in victory lane, and I heard his voice and I was like, oh, man, like to myself. And that was really cool. You know, out in cinema, he made a comment somebody in the media and they tweeted it. He was talking about the Saturday xfinity as I was like, what like he's still talking about it on Sunday. That's when he's got IndyCar championship win. It's insane. We set this podcast up before you won the Las Vegas race, and I was talking to you a day before that about your origins and your family, and you had something you wanted to correct on your recopied a page. And I was looking at repeated pages this morning to see if you were now a first time expanding winner of the fixed and they still haven't. So are you a first generation driver Ross yesterday? I am. I am Kapiti associate. So if you back up to my dad, he did some hobby racing before I was born. He, he rented series. You could just rent a race truck. It's called a fast truck. I'll always like racing on dry. So he drove around the house and at the farm and. Okay. Yeah, pretty cool. Got on the gas on the brakes wasn't a. Didn't really know what he's doing, but. Okay. So they go to the track. He gets in the guy that run into truck was there to help him. It was just them to. It gets in and the guys like, all right. But she belts on and so he's laid already practices Yowen any gets in you. Gotta pull them belts, tight, and guy reaches in and pulls shoulder belts, tight in his lap belts, tight, and it pulled him back in the seat and the go, go, get out. There impact is go see what you think. You couldn't reach the peddles like it was just so didn't know what they were doing, and that's what got me going was him. And then that's the same series I started in. We went and watched them at the same track. Matt Morton was racing in the fast kids class Mark Martin son, and he won the race, won the championship. He had Gatorade on the sponsorship on the truck has a full double sacra trailer with Gatorade. Mark was there. They got out, they dumped Gatorade all over him on the front stretch. And he was like my age. I think close now. My dad's like we think about that like sitting in the grandstands as they're interviewing Matt. Like I said, I was twelve years old. I was like, I wanna. I wanna be like, Matt. That's cool. Well, we're not gonna have that. We're going to, okay, we'll come back and we'll do it. So the friend that race with my dad when he did it still had his race trucks. We went Sunday morning. We went over there. It was literally left out in his backyard from us time. He had raced like eight years before Powell Meta's had grown up. Palmettos are everywhere down in Florida. We took a chain to it and pull it out, put some gas in the car raider charge. The battery in it cranks up what holy cow, some two by fours in the seat we go. I driving around our packing house at the farm on shell drive, and it's like, wow, this is. I'm like having a blast like driving it. And I think I've in my head, I'm like sliding around and my dad. Finally, after the fifth time round walks out, stops me and he's like, Kay. Go to fast, get you to the race track. You're gonna hit the tree or something, and you don't have a helmet on. So let's, you know, I just had jeans and t shirt on, so so we go the track with an Nextel phone in at wired earpiece in my helmet that hooks around the back of your ear and has a little boom speaker like a truck driver with us, and he would beat talk on the.

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