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And just quickly odell grow up but my main my main point is i haven't heard anyone address one thing with the quarterbacks in the draft if forget about the fact that davis webb was was was really lie for you but if davis webb was coming out in this year's draft how would he rank with the other four what he'd be above them he'd be a he'd be among them would he be below them where where where people see davis the only way to get that answer at in early forwarded me this article couple of days ago about a scout who ranked the last i guess it was last two or three drafts where his scouting report war for all of these quarterbacks and for that particular guy he didn't have davis webb in his top ten that's just that particular guy if i guess i think he's definitely out of the top four he's probably maybe in the discussion with luke falk maybe he's in that range maybe i mean if he wanted to third round last year when was supposedly obviously watched it wasn't a great year for quarterbacks in the draft and everybody pick traded up to get right was it a great year but everybody's straightened up from all was for watson for trubisky and he's still went in the third round who knows it's impossible to know you don't know and it's all about beauty is in the eye of the beholder that is an excellent point ed in summers at our you guys doing tonight regarding no he's he's not a bad case just he's doing what he wanted to accomplish which is get publicity i think the giants that they can't get rid of the sector talent for this year try to get them to the afc he's just he's too much of a distraction it's odell in the giants at the giants down gotta sponsorships you can't blame mission accomplished but it's all about giants wanted to set the tone and get rid of them it's going to hurt him though i mean it's a giant fan you wanna win you're not a.

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