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Into the Church of Christ. My question is Where are the pastors? Seventies. What Bishop? It sounds like you're angry. I am angry. Where are the pastors? Now we got passes when rainbow sashes. Okay. Teaching black liberation theology, a Marxist dogma. Teaching liberation. Uh, theology, a Marxist dogma teaching Latino. Liberation theology. It's our Marxist because it's not based upon the blood of Jesus Christ for salvation is based upon the psychology of victimhood that someone owes you something. Now, in my conclusion here, I'm going to continue with this. This cancer called critical race theory. In the next few weeks, please, if you have any questions Send all your questions right now. Jack Bishop Larry at Global Spiritual revolution. Media dot com. Bishop Larry and Global Spiritual revolution media dot com. A man who uses force Is afraid of reasoning. So in other words, the measure of a man is how he handles absolute power. And right now at the White House, we rehab in administration. Who are trying to make our country a third world country things which matter most New Yorkers. Must never be at the mercy of things. Which matter lease. Let me teach this again Things which matter most New Yorkers must never be at the mercy of things, which matter lease. My responsibility is to stretch your minds. So that when I let go of your mind your mind in your former thank you were never returned back to its original form or shape of thinking. You see, because the sharp tongue New Yorkers is the residue of a damaged heart. But once the heart is healed, the tongue becomes the instrument. Apply it So the mainstream medium They don't agree with the bishop. They did not agree with my mentor. The Honourable Mr Rush Limbaugh, who pound for Pound was the greatest talk show radio host in American history. Whose impact would be felt for generations to come. Rush Limbaugh is a hero of mine. Cancer, a critical race theory. New Yorkers If please, we meet your finance Your help Right now go to PayPal dot me for its last G S. R Armenia Group again Pay Powell dot Me. Forward slash G.

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